March 1st, 2014

Most Liked and Most Hated Johnny's Talent Ranking

First off, the most hated!

Note- I skipped the blogger's comments because they were irrelevant.

Hated Johnny’s Talents Coordinated Ranking
1.       Kimura Takuya  281 Votes (2nd)
2.       Akanishi Jin  231 Votes  (1st)
3.       Nakai Masahiro  114 Votes  (3rd)
4.       Kondo Masahiko  58 Votes  (4th )
5.       Kusanagi Tsuyoshi  43 Votes  (7th)
6.       Morita Go  32 Votes  (8th )
7.       Ninomiya Kazunari  27 Votes  (Not included last year)
8.       Nagase Tomoya  25 Votes  (Not included last year)
9.       Kamenashi Kazuya  25 Votes  (5th )
10.   Inagaki Goro  23 Votes (Not included last year)
In the parenthesis are last year’s positions.

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King of Arama has left Johnny's

Akanishi Jin's (29) contract with Johnny's Jimusho has expired at the end of February, and both parties agreed to not renew it.

The Jimusho has currently given out no further details. However, according to an official, Jin's intentions had conflicted with the Jimusho's. Rather than the mainstream idol music from his KAT-TUN period, he has strong preference in the "All-English" hiphop genre and intends to go overseas.

The DVD of his winter live will still be released according to schedule on April 2, 2014.

"Akanishi will still pursue a career in showbiz even after leaving the agency. A different source tells Sponichi that there were no new scandals or any sort of trouble that has led to this decision." (majide2ch)

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