March 6th, 2014


Hikki Begins Her Onslaught on the Lessers

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*(Don't turn away my post Mods! I'm clearly joking in the title! She is about to slay though!)*

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Cast announcement press conference of NHK morning drama "Massan"

The press conference to announce the cast of NHK's new morning drama "Massan" starting in September was held at NHK Osaka on 4 March which was attended by Charlotte Kate Fox and Tamayama Tetsuji. Fox is NHK's first non-Japanese heroine and she was selected from auditions involving 232 applicants in Japan and 289 from overseas.

Fox who doesn't know any Japanese, has a Scottish grandmother and was born in New Mexico, United States. As she has no knowledge of the Japanese language, Fox will have to take intensive lessons during this period until filming starts in late May. Fox revealed that since young, she had never been able to watch any TV as her parents were hippies so she learnt to use her imagination to play because there wasn't much entertainment in the countryside too. Later on, she became interesting in acting and started learning it in the university. After graduation, she acted in the local runs of musicals like "Chicago" and was active in indie movies and TV dramas as well. Fox first came to Japan for the last audition at the end of January and had returned to Japan 2 days before the press conference.

Fox will be playing the role of Eri while her husband Massan will be played by Tamayama. The two of them had only met just one day before the press conference and Tamayama revealed that he was taken by surprise by Fox's hug when she greeted him.

When asked by the press if she has a boyfriend, Fox revealed that she is seeing someone but she will be too busy during the 10-month shooting period to feel lonely. However, she has plans to invite her family to come and visit her in Japan once things settle down.

Source: Sanspo / Nikkansports / Doramaworld

OP: Happy thatTetsuji got chosen as the lead actor. (^_^) and there's not so much info about Fox's acting career on IMDb.