March 15th, 2014


Samurai Radio will broadcast Calmando Qual Dijon gig + interview and talk about them at Niji music

Samurai Radio will broadcast new bands at their Niji music program soon.
This time Calmando Qual, Fact, Loka and Who the bitch.

At the Niji Music program they also talk about the bands. (15min each band)
However they only broadcast in French. So you need to understand French to understand the show.
However the people from Calmando Qual Worldwide support will translate the Calmando Qual part.

And as a gift to all CALMANDO QUAL fans around the world,
Niji Music 11PM session and Calmando Qual concert + interview will be followed by a 1 hour Calmando Qual songs playlist.

Here is the schedule with all the times.
Niji Music
10AM (GMT+1) broadcasting, March 29th, April, 5th (Sat)
11PM (GMT+1) rebroadcasting, March 29th, April 5th (Sat) + 1 hour CQ song playlist
18PM (GMT+1) rebroadcasting, April 4th, April 11th (Fri)

Schedule Calmando Qual concert which they recored in Dijon!!!
Calmando Qual Concert Dijon + Interview + 1 hour CQ song playlist -> 10PM (GMT+1) April 9th & April 16th

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Samurai Radio RADIO

Source: Samurai Radio & Calmando Qual worldwide support

DiVA covers H Jungle with t's hit song 'WOW WAR TONIGHT ~Tokiniwa Okoseyo Movement~'

It's been announced that AKB48's subunit DiVA covered H Jungle with t's (collaboration unit between comedy duo Downtown's Hamada Masatoshi and music producer Komuro Tetsuya) double million-selling single from 1995 "WOW WAR TONIGHT ~Tokiniwa Okoseyo Movement~".

DiVA is a dance&vocal unit formed back in 2011 with 4 of AKB48's 2nd generation members Akimoto Sayaka, Umeda Ayaka, Masuda Yuka, and Miyazawa Sae, but in the same year, they held an audition and new 6 members joined the group.
In January 2013, Masuda announced her withdrawal from the group, and they have become a 9-member unit.
Although Akimoto graduated from AKB48 in last August, she remained as a DiVA member.

This is DiVA's first new song in 2 years, since they last released "Lost the way" in March of 2012.

The members left comments like, "I'm really happy to be able to cover the song that everyone knows. I am sure our fans are quite surprised that our new song is a cover" (Miyazawa), "Thank you for waiting! I would like to show a side different from AKB48" (Umeda), "DiVA is the only place I can sing and dance, so I'm really grateful. Filming for music video makes me happy" (Akimoto).

The music video to the new song is available only on UULA (SoftBank mobile's smartphone app.), and it has not been decided at this moment if its CD will be released.


I was really surprise about this. I though they are already ignored by the management but I think because of this I can still root for the best vocal sub-unit of 48 family