March 23rd, 2014


Chris Hart Appreciation Post

Want to post some recent Chris Hart videos because he is awesome and still musically active :) Chris Hart, born in San Francisco, CA, was the winner of the “Nodo Jiman Za! World” 2012 contest for on NTV.

2014.02.20 NHK World - BEGIN Japanology - Chris Hart (English and Japanese)
Includes a 20-min interview, few short lives.

20140302 Jounetsu Dairiku (Japanese mostly)
30-min coverage with Chris Hart's life in Japan since debut, include bit backstage from Kouhaku and voice training, and when he was still a J-rock band.

And previews of his first original album "Song for You", which just released couple days ago :)

AKB48 to hold the 6th Senbatsu General Election

It was announced that AKB48 would be holding their annual Senbatsu General Election.

The 6th election will be held to choose the Senbatsu members who can participate in the group's 37th single (Currently untitled, to be released in August).

Up until now, top 64 girls were chosen in the past elections, but this year, the number will be increased to top 80 girls;

• 1st ~ 16th : 37th single Senbatsu members
• 17th ~ 32nd : Under Girls
• 33rd ~ 48th : Next Girls
• 49th ~ 64th : Future Girls
• 65th ~ 80th : Upcoming Girls

Just like last year, the election will be held in the "candidacy system." The eligible members are 263 girls who satisfy either of the following conditions (* = Applies to the new teams after the recent team shuffle).

(1) The members of AKB48, SKE48, NMB48, and HKT48 (exclude the members who announce their graduation as of March 22.) *Nogizaka46's Ikoma Rina is also eligible as she holds concurrent positions in both Nogizaka46 and AKB48 after the team shuffle.
(2) Former AKB48 members who transfer to the sister group in overseas (Nakagawa Haruka and Chikano Rina).

Last year, former members who who were a part of the AKB groups for more than 4 years in the past were also eligible to participate in the election, however, this year, they are not qualified to stand as a candidate.

The reception desk period for the candidacy will be from March 31 at 4:30 pm ~ April 6 at 11:00 pm.

The fans who can vote for the election will include those who purchase AKB48's 36th single (currently untitled) which will go on sale on May 21, fan club members, mobile members, and so on. The voting for the election will begin on May 20 at 10:00 am, until on June 6 at 3:00 pm (JST).

The vote counting event will be held at Ajinomoto Stadium on June 7.


now that yuko is gone, sasshi will win by landslide although we don't know what will happen. It is funny when Ikoma Rina won haaaha

Tanaka Koki walks the Red Carpet with Director Shinagawa Hiroshi

Although it was announced last minute, Tanaka Koki was able to walk with director Shinagawa Hiroshi for 1/3 (Sanbun no Ichi) at the 6th Okinawa International Movie Festival. The theme of this year's festival was LAUGH & PEACE. A number of other notable stars made their appearance on the carpet, including NMB48, Code V, Watanabe Naomi, various organizations, mascots and models. As the two were the last to walk, fans were ecstatic to see their idol making a public appearance for the first time in months. Tanaka was very cordial at the event and was all smiles as he greeted a number of fans on the carpet. When leaving the stage, Tanaka could be seen giving a deep bow. Viewers could watch the even broadcast live on Nico Nico Douga.

MAiDiGiTV has released some footage of Tanaka's appearance at the event on YouTube.

Would it be possible to get a tag for Tanaka Koki at this time? ​ I'm so proud of him, he looked absolutely dashing.