April 8th, 2014

Meisa Kuroki Reveals She Keeps Financial Assets Separate From Jin Akanishi

On April 3rd, 2014, actress Meisa Kuroki(黒木メイサ) (25) appeared at the campaign for her upcoming Fuji TV drama series "Black President(ブラック・プレジデント)" with co star Ikki Sawamura(沢村一樹) (46). This marks Kuroki's first public appearance since her husband Jin Akanishi(赤西仁) decided to leave Johnny's Entertainment.

In the drama series, Sawamura plays a "black company" president entering college at the age of 45. The term black company refers to company that illegally underpay and overwork their employees. A Yes Or No question event was carried out with 100 high school and college students at the campaign.

A question was asked on whether is it a good idea for married couple to keep their finances separate. Kuroki said, "Yes, I keep my financial assets separate from my husband(Jin Akanishi) but I think it depends on the financial situation of the family(such as a stay-at-home mom or a household with two incomes)."

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Photojournalist publishes book on testimonies of 18 former 'comfort women'

Disgusted by denials, a photojournalist has published a collection of testimonies and photos of Korean women who were forced to provide sex for Japanese soldiers before and during World War II.

Takashi Ito, 62, published the book in late February amid growing criticism of the 1993 statement by then Chief Cabinet Secretary Yohei Kono, which apologized to the women euphemistically called “comfort women” and admitted the Japanese military’s involvement in managing the frontline brothels.

The book is titled “Mugunghwa no Kanashimi: Shogen--‘Seidorei’ ni Sareta Kankoku-Chosenjin Joseitachi” (Mugunghwa’s sadness: Testimonies--Korean women who were forced to become sex slaves).

Mugunghwa is the Korean name for the rose of Sharon, a flower popular on the Korean Peninsula.

“Do you think that elderly women tell lies before they die? I want you to think about that question by reading all of their testimonies,” said Ito, who lives in Mie Prefecture.

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Source: Asahi

Yamada Yu, Wife of Oguri Shun Found Out to be Three Months Pregnant

It has been reported in tomorrow's issue of "Shuukan Josei" that actor Oguri Shun's (31) wife actress Yamada Yu (29) is currently three months pregnant!

Below is the quote:

Yamada Yuu, at last three months pregnant! Oguri Shun's habit of having affairs will be shut down
Two years since getting married...closing her eyes to the repeated suspicions of her husband's affairs, she now turns to the famous obsestrician Son Mi Hyon...

[This quote was taken from Shuukan Josei's caption]

A few days ago, Oguri Shun and Kuroki Meisa's picture was taken after a night of drinking, but was Yamada Yuu pregnant? On the day that Oguri Shun returned after that late night of drinking, Yamada Yuu posted a blog entry about staying awake, thinking about something and not being able to sleep...

When the child is born, hopefully Oguri will cure his habit of continuously having affairs...

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Fairies 8th single +new songs+ fairies first live


Idol dance-vocal group Fairies released the first album in March and will release a new single on May28. New single is SUPER HERO. The 6 members, who are in high school, will come up on stage with a brand new style, challenging a dance of true value and rap!
SUPER HERO is used in the ending theme of ウチくる!? TVshow.
Love Me, Love You More. is another song on the 8th single. It is the theme song of the anime film 劇場版 ゆうとくんがいく.

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I like super hero and I'm happy they are returning to the cool style
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