April 18th, 2014

AKAME REUNION At Bruno Mars Concert


At the Bruno Mars concert that took place in Chiba on 4/13, Akanishi and Kamenashi were both present. Not to mention that a NUMBER of other Japanese celebrities were also present. These two got the most attention as reports came out stating that the two were talking to each other once again .

The article gives a small history of Akame/Jinkame and states that in the public eye they are thought to have a rather bad relationship with one another following Jin’s departure from KAT-TUN and shotgun marriage as well as Kamenashi’s thoughts on the matter. It names the hashtag used when people were talking about “Akame’s reunion” which was caused by just a few eyewitness reports of Jin walking by an empty seat by Kame by chance and dropping by to talk to him. No other information is given

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please stop involving turle-chan in this!!!!