May 22nd, 2014

Can Chubbiness Group Survive?

We all know Japan prides itself on having one of the lowest obesity rates in the developed world. However, a recent trend known as "marshmallow girls" (girls who are viewed as 'soft') is receiving mainstream attention from the likes of Avex who created a group called "Chubbiness." Made up of 10 plus sized women found through open casting, the group was expected to debut in spring but has not as of May 2014 apparently due to lack of popular. The girls have made appearances on talk shows. The group has been criticized for riding on a gimmick and the ten girls while larger than the normal rail-thin Jpop star we're used to seeing cannot be considered 'big'.

Old news I know but I don't think(?) this group was mentioned on Arama and thought it would be an interesting thing to look at and discuss. What do you think Arama?

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「Cling Cling」Promo Image

Perfume has announced their new single Cling Cling which will be released on July 16, 2014 and come in three editions: Regular (currently unavailable), Limited, and Special Limited. Tracklist, packaging differences, and CDJapan/HMV preorder links can be found below the read more.

CD Tracklist (all editions):
*NOTE: Hold Your Hand was released digitally on May 21st in Japan. Listening link has been provided below

01. Cling Cling *(Chocola BB Brand 2014 CM song)
02. Hold Your Hand *(Theme of NHK drama Silent Poor)
04. いじわるなハロー (Ijiwaru na Hello)
05. Cling Cling - Original Instrumental -
06. Hold Your Hand - Original Instrumental -
07. DISPLAY - Original Instrumental -
08. いじわるなハロー (Ijiwaru na Hello) - Original Instrumental -

Normal Limited Edition DVD Tracklist:

01. Cling Cling -Video Clip-
02. Cling Cling -Teaser-
03. DISPLAY (Short Ver.) -Video Clip-
04. “Perfume FES!! 2014” 3/15 - 4/11 Digest

Large Box Special Limited Edition DVD Tracklist:

01. Cling Cling -Video Clip-
02. Cling Cling -Teaser-
03. DISPLAY (Short Ver.) -Video Clip-
04. “Perfume FES!! 2014” 3/15 - 4/11 Digest
05. Nishiwaki Family Memorial “Spice” “SHINING☆STAR”

All editions come with a first press bonus poster. The Large Box Limited Edition has special packaging, to quote CDJapan: “Features 3D-photo cover and comes with a deluxe photo booklet. Comes in a box.” The Large Box LE is also extremely limited, with only one copy available per customer, whereas the regular LE is unlimited until sold out. When the first press LEs are sold out, the Regular Edition will be available, so as of right now, you can only purchase the Normal LE or Large Box LE.

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Pre-order 「Cling Cling」

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AKB48 new record and Preliminary Result

According to Oricon, AKB48's 36th single "Labrador Retriever" (went on sale on May 21) in which Watanabe Mayu serves as the center, sold 1,462,000 copies on the first day, and topped the daily single ranking.

The single broke the group's own record for the best first day sales which they previously set with "Sayonara Crawl" (released in May 2013, 1,451,000 copies sold on the first day).

This is also their 7th single to sell over a million copies on the first day.

"Labrador Retriever" contains the voting serial number card to the "6th Senbatsu General Election" which is to decide the Senbatsu members for their 37th single (currently untitled, to be released in August).

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Well after of the massive graduation of gen 1 members this kid of sale is unpredictable but what is also unpredictable is the result of preliminary haha this is so fun to watch. No wonder they are still staying strong. Unlike other ... this fandom is still intense and interesting in terms of gimmicks and events. well haters gonna hate