May 28th, 2014

nakajima yuto

New sport-theme drama featuring Water Polo this July, Fuji TV's "Suikyuu Yankees"

Nakajima Yuto (20), will be starring his first lead role this summer in Fuji TV's "Suikyuu Yankees" (Water Polo Yankees).
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sources: fuji TV, jnewseng (translation), jnews1, hochi, nikkan sports, sanspo and ichigocherry (video)

this is my first time posting something here, I already read the rules, sorry if there's still any wrong..

yuto and yamaken in a drama again!! <3
tbh, I was expecting something like Free! which is swimming and I love that anime, oh well, swimming or not, I'm excited for this.. x)

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but why must yankees included?? I'm tired of it, tbh.. :P