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Korean media fabricates sales for 2PM's Japanese single!!!!!

The Korean media has fabricated sales about 2PM, claiming that they have sold 73,000 copies of their single in the first day:

Group 2PM recorded first place with their Japan debut single within all Korean male and female idols in history.

2PM released their first single ‘Take Off’ on the 18th and rose to 4th place on the Oricon singles chart while competing with leading Japanese artists. They sold 73 thousand copies, which is the largest amount for a Korean idol group’s debut single.

The chart shows 2PM side by side with Japan’s popular artists that released singles on the same day.

First place is KAT-TUN, second is Perfume, and third is Diva. 2PM passed Nishino Kana who placed fifth and rose to fourth, showing the ‘Beastly Men’ craze and strength of K-POP.

2PM entered the Japanese market in December with a showcase and started their first tour concert ‘2PM 1st JAPAN TOUR 2011 ‘Take Off” on the 6th at Sapporo and went to Fukuoka on the 8th, Osaka on the 9th, and Nagoya on the 10th, receiving a warm response and ended successfully. Also before the performance at Tokyo on the 13th, another performance was added on the 12th with the request of fans and that concert was also sold out and ended successfully. 2PM finished their first Japanese tour and plunged into Japanese promotions and they are expected to return to Korea on the 21st.


However, the Oricon chart clearly shows that 2PM came in at 4th place, behind DiVA, who sold 42,000.

Not only that, the trusted Oricon-related blog on LiveDoor reports:

It is believed that there is a possibility that [2PM] has sold more than 10,000 on their first day.

Original article: Osen
Translation: fyjypnation.tumblr.com
Photo: Oricon Daily Singles Chart
Estimate source: LiveDoor (translation by me)

smh, the Korean media blows their artists' success way out of proportion. they must be stopped.
Tags: 2pm, epic fail, oricon

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