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Arashi Peru fans raise money for disaster victims

Members of Arashi Peru

A group called "Arashi Peru" made up of fans of the Japanese idol group Arashi have been raising funds for victims of the Great Eastern Japan Disaster.

After becoming a fan of Arashi through watching Japanese music programs on cable TV, Club President  Club Representative Mirtha Coral (32) [According to Arashi Peru, she's the Club Representative, not the Club President. Yomiuri made a mistake] and 10 others founded the club four years ago. Since then the group has grown to approximately 4250 members in their 10s and 20s. There are five other chapters in addition to the headquarters located in the capital of Lima.

After the earthquake, the amount of voices expressing "I want to do something to help Japan" became numerous, and the club decided to donate some of the admissions to their April 30 meeting held in Lima. The raised amount was 800 Sol (approximately 24000 yen [$288 USD]). "Most of our members are students and was heartfeltedly given from their own pocket money" said Mirtha. Mayra Gamboa (19), a member, added "I would be happy even if it could help just a little bit. I believe that the Japanese people can overcome this disaster".

Arashi Peru continues to gather donations at it's regular meetings, which it entrusts to the Japanese Embassy in Peru.

Arashi Peru girls for Yomiuri interview

Traducción al Español

I know most people are aware of the efforts by JE fans (especially at arashi_on ) to fundraise money for the Touhoku disaster victims. But I thought it was interesting that this effort has become noticed by the Japanese media.

[This article was translated by me so please forgive any mistakes, especially in translated quotes or spellings of names. Please let me know if you see any errors.]
[Edit: Spelling of names corrected by Arashi Peru member. Thanks yici  XD ]
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