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11:52 am - 05/24/2011

Arashi has heard about Arashi Peru fundraising efforts

  It seems like the good news never stops. :)

VS Arashi Producer Masafumi Futagawa tweeted today that the Arashi members have read the Yomiuri Shimbun article on the efforts of Arashi Peru to raise money for the disaster victims:

Thanks for your support!! All the member of Arashi had read the newspaper of Pelu!! They were very impressed!!

VS Arashi Producer Yatagawa tweets about Arashi Peru


Also, he followed with a tweet in Japanese:

The filming (of VS Arashi) ended without issue. Everyone was as cool and calm as ever. Yesterday I tweeted about the article on Peru, since then I've received messages from Arashi fans around the world and I'm extremely grateful. Arashi are really loved all over the world. I'm surprised and excited (^ ^)

WOW!! So it's true. It's been confirmed. XD

Congrats, Arashi Peru!

As an unofficial reminder on behalf of the mods at arashi_on  , as much as it would be awesome for Arashi to hear about the fundraising effort on arashi_on that raised so much money, we cannot tweet to VS Producer Futagawa (@dandymasafumi) or Kan (@kankanp) about it.

If JE were to become aware of arashi_on   , it would cause issues for all those people who upload and sub Arashi videos and this would, in turn, make it more difficult to keep up with our beloved boys. As such, we'll just have to be satisfied that we have all done a good deed and banded together to help those in need. :)

Isn't that why we did it in the first place?

I will note, however, that I did send a tweet to VS Producer Futagawa (without mentioning arashi_on   ) noting that not just Peru had done fundraising but that fundraising had also been done by JE fans. He responded back acknowledging the tweet. So, Arashi is aware that other fundraising is going on beyond that of Peru.

Again, congrats, Arashi Peru!!

UPDATE (May 25, 2011):

I don't want to make another post so I'll just add this here. I was tweeting back and forth with VS Arashi Producer Futagawa and asked him what Arashi said when they heard the news.
Here's his response:
"They were amazed and appreciative. They said they were thankful that there are those who support them this much in foreign countries where their CDs aren't even sold."

Of course, I replied that they are sold on the Internet and that's where we buy them^^
Hehe, that solves the mystery of Arashi's reaction. Although it still would be nice to see a video of some sort. Oh well, beggars can't be choosers. Though I'll still cross my fingers >.>
ryokenshi 24th-May-2011 08:01 pm (UTC)
i seriously think that japan thinks canada is part of america

Well, a friend of mine went there a few years ago and when she said she was from Canada they asked her which part of USA it was....||D I'm disappointed. I'm tired of the non-recognition of Canada /D
kawaii_beela 24th-May-2011 08:05 pm (UTC)
bahhhh omggg!! its true D: one of my friends was teaching there and her student asked her the same >.< WE NEED RECOGNITION DAMNIT!!!! D: when i went there i was talking to an old man in osaka and surprisingly he knew where canada was cuz he said he visited before, but then he followed it up by "so you guys know how to skii then of course right?" and i almost face palmed =___= hahaha

but hey.... im still gonna dream now that i know sho knows about canada at least a little bit XD haha
tennyo29 24th-May-2011 08:11 pm (UTC)
I lived in Japan for a year back in 2006/2007 (year of Hana yori Dango 2 and start of Arashi boom). I didn't have any trouble with people knowing where Canada (ie. NOT in the States) but interestingly enough, I kept on being asked where in the US I was from while the American teacher who was there said she kept on getting asked where in Canada she was from. XD

However, I did have a couple people ask me if we had summer *facepalm*, if it was always cold *double facepalm* and my host brother assumed that I was an expert skier *triple facepalm*.

kawaii_beela 24th-May-2011 08:16 pm (UTC)
hahaha thats so funny LOLLLL i dunno, i guess people in japan just get canada and america confused LOLL i still remember that episode of mago mago arashi when aiba and ohno were helping the old couple who was moving to canada and they were like "ohhhhhh!! CANADA~~" but i swear they were totally thinking "where the hell is that? o_O" HAHA but omg i love sho even more because he bought the members gloves that said "canada" instead of ones that said "vancouver" hahaha

OMGGGGG NO SUMMER??? i would definately move out of canada if we had no summer LOL

this one guy in japan asked my friend if we lived in ice huts aka: igloos LOLLLL she went along with it and she said we do and she has a pet polar bear and he had to look it up on google to see if she was lying or not LMFAOOO!!! wtfffff
tennyo29 24th-May-2011 08:25 pm (UTC)
LMAO!!! Don't tease them!! Now you'll have poor Japanese ppl walking around thinking like Americans that we have a National Igloo and it's melting.

We're trying to clear up misconceptions, not spread them!! XD
kawaii_beela 24th-May-2011 08:27 pm (UTC)
LMAOOOO XDDDD haha yea i know XD but he found out she was lying tho XD it was just funny at the time she told me lol

but omggg i bet sho thinks its ALWAYS cold here too cuz he came in the winter!! so hes prolly all "i dont wanna go back to that freezer" D: damn it >.
tennyo29 24th-May-2011 08:31 pm (UTC)
DDDD: NOOOOOOOO!!! That would be horrible if he thought that.

Although Vancouver is warmer than the rest and it was warm for the Olympics (remember the snow debacle?).... *crosses fingers*

Come back Sho-kun!!! I swear we're not always that cold!!!!!
kawaii_beela 24th-May-2011 11:55 pm (UTC)
yea thats true D: but omgggg still!! can u imagine? i hope he comes back too T____T altho he was almost raped at the airport by rabid fangirls too so he prolly thought REAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLY negative upon that T______T

he was already so exhausted coming straight from work and have so met jetlag on him and hearing those screams at like 6 am D: i would wanna shoot someone >.< poor guy!! i heard people even blocked his car at the parking lot and he couldnt leave D:
tennyo29 25th-May-2011 12:03 am (UTC)
Really?? I haven't heard anything about that. I was checking out Canada_johnnys and noticed a mention about that. What happened exactly?

And, yeah, that's not cool. (pun unintended xD)
kawaii_beela 25th-May-2011 12:08 am (UTC)
haha ok well i exaggerated when i said raped but apparently people somehow found out when his plane was arriving at the vancouver airport (i think it was around 6 am or something) and there was like 50 something girls waiting for him and as soon as he came out they started screaming his name and chasing after him and i think some people were trying to grab him:S and he was trying to ignore them and get away, oh and i heard there were also people taking pictures (which is against JE's policy too) so yea.......... he was prolly left with a really horrible impression of canada T____T

but then i heard that when he was leaving they were MUCH more well behaved and didnt chase him or scream at him and stuff so i dunno... i hope he doesnt hate canada T___T

LOL yea, not cool at all haha XD love the pun XD rofl
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ryokenshi 24th-May-2011 08:13 pm (UTC)
I don't mind that kind of stereotype, at least that old man knew what Canada was ¦'D

Something tells me that if they ever do a concert in Canada it will be in BC. Because most of the Japanese community is there. bahhh. I better get to Japan and see their concert there; I almost have more chances that way ||D
kawaii_beela 24th-May-2011 08:22 pm (UTC)
haha yea thats true, he was super nice too^^ he said he used to be a skii instructor lol

yea i agree =( ughhh japan is almost impossible too!! well... if i waas rich i could go, i went to the NEWS concert in 2008 and i wanted to go to johnnys countdown but the cheapest scalper tickets (or ones on sale at harajuku) were like 80 000 yen even on new years eve!! i went to harajuku a few hours before the concert hoping they would reduce them but nope >.< but luckily for me jun was a sp guest at the news concert i went to:D<3
ryokenshi 24th-May-2011 08:25 pm (UTC)
haha those are nice memories <3 Too bad everything is so much expansive in Japan :/
kawaii_beela 24th-May-2011 08:28 pm (UTC)
LOL yea for sure XD still awesome tho haha my NEWS ticket was about 20 000 i think XD but totally worth it cuz they were FC seats and 4 rows away from centre stage:D kyaaaa!! if only that was kokuritsu or an arashi concert D: *sigh*
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