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11:52 am - 05/24/2011

Arashi has heard about Arashi Peru fundraising efforts

  It seems like the good news never stops. :)

VS Arashi Producer Masafumi Futagawa tweeted today that the Arashi members have read the Yomiuri Shimbun article on the efforts of Arashi Peru to raise money for the disaster victims:

Thanks for your support!! All the member of Arashi had read the newspaper of Pelu!! They were very impressed!!

VS Arashi Producer Yatagawa tweets about Arashi Peru


Also, he followed with a tweet in Japanese:

The filming (of VS Arashi) ended without issue. Everyone was as cool and calm as ever. Yesterday I tweeted about the article on Peru, since then I've received messages from Arashi fans around the world and I'm extremely grateful. Arashi are really loved all over the world. I'm surprised and excited (^ ^)

WOW!! So it's true. It's been confirmed. XD

Congrats, Arashi Peru!

As an unofficial reminder on behalf of the mods at arashi_on  , as much as it would be awesome for Arashi to hear about the fundraising effort on arashi_on that raised so much money, we cannot tweet to VS Producer Futagawa (@dandymasafumi) or Kan (@kankanp) about it.

If JE were to become aware of arashi_on   , it would cause issues for all those people who upload and sub Arashi videos and this would, in turn, make it more difficult to keep up with our beloved boys. As such, we'll just have to be satisfied that we have all done a good deed and banded together to help those in need. :)

Isn't that why we did it in the first place?

I will note, however, that I did send a tweet to VS Producer Futagawa (without mentioning arashi_on   ) noting that not just Peru had done fundraising but that fundraising had also been done by JE fans. He responded back acknowledging the tweet. So, Arashi is aware that other fundraising is going on beyond that of Peru.

Again, congrats, Arashi Peru!!

UPDATE (May 25, 2011):

I don't want to make another post so I'll just add this here. I was tweeting back and forth with VS Arashi Producer Futagawa and asked him what Arashi said when they heard the news.
Here's his response:
"They were amazed and appreciative. They said they were thankful that there are those who support them this much in foreign countries where their CDs aren't even sold."

Of course, I replied that they are sold on the Internet and that's where we buy them^^
Hehe, that solves the mystery of Arashi's reaction. Although it still would be nice to see a video of some sort. Oh well, beggars can't be choosers. Though I'll still cross my fingers >.>
kawaii_beela 25th-May-2011 12:04 am (UTC)
awwww that sux =( too bad!! theres quite a few fans here, well... a lot of them like other groups too but there are also arashi fans^^ sorry this is a random question again but do you guys have karaoke with japanese songs in winnipeg? they have karaoke here with a ton of arashi songs and its so much fun to go:D

HAHA yea i think fans from all over would find any way to get to the concert XD i know i would LOL
(no subject) - Anonymous
kawaii_beela 25th-May-2011 12:22 am (UTC)
oooh thats awesome:D hehe yea i was suprised too!! they get new songs really quickly here:D at first they didnt have troublemaker the last few times i went but they finally have it now and they also have yuukai tsuukai kaibutsu-kun by riida OMGGGG i sang that last time and it was amazing HAHAHA but yea its hard to read the kanji lyrics sometimes XD

oooh i see, thats kool hehe, im not very good at karaoke but i go often cuz its so much fun anyways haha
(no subject) - Anonymous
kawaii_beela 25th-May-2011 12:36 am (UTC)
yeaaaa~~~ it was soooo much fun to sing LOLL i think my friend thought i was insane cuz of all the "kaaaai kai kai~~~" and the other random sounds in it haha i was attempting the dance too XD it was fun LOL

i wish they had songs from the albums here tho =( they have blue and oh yeah! from how's it going? and time here but thats it >.< i wanna sing 5x10 and magical song by aiba LOLLL
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