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Johnny and Yamapi in talk with Warner CEO for Yamapi to go solo?

Just saw this on Cyzo, apparently Friday magazine recently reported Johnny Kitagawa, Yamapi and Warner Music Japan CEO  Lachie Rutherford  were having a business dinner at a restaurant in Omotesando.   They were speculating that Johnny is negotiating for Yamapi to join Warner Music for a US tour.  They said Jin was seen having the same dinner with Warner CEO in December prior to his announcement of joining  the global Warner Music Group.  Furthermore, Warner CEO was also seen at Yamapi's solo concert Asia tour.  However, unlike Jin, Yamapi has never held a US tour.

Cyzo also said NEWS hasn't been active lately and it's KANJANI8 who are being promoted heavily at the moment.  So there are many rumors flying around that Yamapi will soon join Jin to go solo and a US tour under Warner Music label.

Source: cyzo

Article is long, my friend helped me get the gist of the sorry for any mistakes..
Tags: rumour, yamapi
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