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Matsuda Shota shows off his afro for “Afro Tanaka”!

Actor Matsuda Shota has revealed his “afro hair” look for the upcoming movie, “Afro Tanaka“!

The story of “Afro Tanaka” revolves around Tanaka Hiroshi, a twenty-four year old high school drop-out who works as a tunnel digger in Tokyo. One day, a perfect and beautiful woman (played by Sasaki Nozomi) moves in next door, but he gives up on her until he suddenly receives news that a friend from his hometown is getting married.

“I like it quite a lot. I think it expresses what my generation is feeling,” said Matsuda, who has been reading the series since it began serializing in “Big Comic Spirits” in 2002. “It feels good when the main character says things you often hold back.”

When asked about offering Matsuda the role, “Afro Tanaka” author Noritsuke Masaharu commented, “I asked, ‘We’re going to make a live-action movie, and who are you going to be?’ I was surprised when he said he was going to be Tanaka.”

Although the afro wig is approximately fifty centimeters in size, the actor also seemed quite happy about his ‘transformation’. “It doesn’t look bad,” said Matsuda, looking confident about his “Afro Tanaka” look. “Usually, I get nervous around him because he’s really handsome, but with the afro, I can relax and have conversations with him,” Noritsuke also said in approval.

“Afro Tanaka” will be director Matsui Daigo’s first commercial movie. “It’s funny. The moment Matsuda-san put on the afro during costume fitting, I knew it was going to be good,” said the self-proclaimed “Afro Tanaka” fan.

Other cast members include Tsutsumishita Atsushi, Tanaka Kei, Endo Kaname, Komakine Ryusuke, Hara Mikie, Minami, Fukikoshi Mitsuru, Minagawa Sarutoki, Henmi Emiri, and Lily Franky.

The movie will be released in 2012.
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