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Latest underage Johnny to be caught in a scandal

Shuukan Josei will publish a story tomorrow about Hey!Say!Jump's youngest member Morimoto Ryutaro (16) who was caught for underage smoking in two pictures from when he was 14 and 15 respectively.

The following excerpts are from the article:

Hey!Say!Jump is a Johnny's group with 10 male members and debuted in September 07. They have been the Harukou volleyball special support group. They also hold the youngest record for a group to perform in Tokyo Dome.

For such a popular group, why is there underage smoking problems?

It seems that since a while ago, Morimoto has been smoking in toilets and outside openly. Even when people have raised concerns about it being bad if discovered, he had replied "It's fine, don't worry" (daijyoubu daijyoubu).

Hey!Say!Jump will release their new single 'Over' on June 29. Hope they will rethink their actions next time as to not hurt the fans, as well as cause damage to their young bodies.

From January '10 when he was 14.

From May '10 when he was 15. The cigarette held in his left hand, the end of which is red and has smoke coming out.

Stunning news, photos of Morimoto Ryutaro underage smoking


soooo....about hsj following in the foot steps of news.....
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