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RUMOR: Akimoto Yasushi to produce AKB48's Rival group

According Shunkan Playboy, aki-p will produce a new 48 group. In difference with the other sister groups, this group is said to be created to be "AKB's rival".

The pronunciation of the name is still unknown (it could be "Nogazaka forty six" or "Nogasaka yonjuuroku", among others). This group will be under Sony.

Sony was AKB's label before they switched to King Records and made their break. Sony says "Indeed, the "Lost fishes" (Nogashita Sakanatachi) was big. We really feel frustrated for letting them go. With this protect, we will seriously aim to beat AKB48"

When asked why "Nogazaka46" as name, they replied "Probably something Akimoto-san came up with.. perhaps because our Office is located in Nogazaka?"

1st Gen auditions will start this summer. why the creation of a rival group, the significance in the number being 46 and further information will be revealed in the future.

(Shukan playboy was the one behind the "Eguchi Aimi" as well. let's hope they are not joking again.)

Source: Weekly Playboy
Translated by: Everyday 48 Forums
Tags: akb48, rumour
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