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11:58 am - 06/27/2011

Update on HSJ and making headlines everywhere

Hey!Say! underage member smoking, entertainment activities stopped indefinitely

Official statement:
Today, there are some news articles, which we validated with Morimoto Ryutaro himself. He admits that he has smoked out of curiosity on several occassions before. Although he is very sorry for his behaviour and in self-scrutiny, however underage smoking as a violation of the law is common knowledge and an unacceptable behaviour. Our company has always placed emphasis on educating them in this regard. To face the facts, from now on, Morimoto will cease all of his activities in the entertainment field indefinitely.
We sincerely apologize for the trouble caused to all fans and related persons.
-Johnnys Jimusho

Hey!Say!Jump Shock
Morimoto to be placed on suspension indefinitely.

Underage smoking validated for a number of times. May be forced to quit.

Hey!Say!Jump 16 year old member caught smoking, cease activities indefinitely

Smoking Morimoto to be under indefinite suspension (Shukan Josei report) (9 members now on)

Nikkan Sports etc via xq

shuukan josei post on arama

wow.... their response is fast! And harsh
lady_mercury 28th-Jun-2011 12:39 am (UTC)
本日、一部報道を受けて本人に確認してみたところ、過去に興味本位で喫煙したことがあるとのことです。 本人は深く反省しておりますが、いかに興味本位であったとはいえ、未成年者の喫煙が法律で禁止されていることは常識であり許されない行為であるとともに、弊社としましても日頃から厳しく指導してまいりました。この事実を重く受け止め、本人の今後の芸能活動を無期限停止とすることを決定致しました。ファンの皆さまはじめ、関係者各位に多大なご迷惑をおかけしますことを深くおわび申し上げます

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lady_mercury 28th-Jun-2011 12:43 am (UTC)
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