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Shit just got real for Taiji (ex-X, ex-Loudness, ex-D.T.R.)

Been almost a year since I've used LJ with any frequency so bear with me if this doesn't post right or I'm breaking any rules or anything, but I thought this would be of interest...

Sources: and .

Apparently, Taiji became assaultive and combative with a woman in his party or nearby, tried to throw himself at/out of the plane window, kicked the (also female) flight attendant repeatedly and had to be restrained by passengers - while showing behavior heavily reminiscent of being on a very bad trip or having severe hallucinations.
"In her affidavit of probable cause, Federal Bureau of Investigation special agent Mary H. Goff told the court that prior to the incident, Sawada was in the business class cabin of Delta Flight 298

A flight attendant said she heard loud noises and banging coming from the business class cabin, where she saw Sawada and a female passenger struggling.

The passenger had her arms wrapped around Sawada who was kicking and yelling, and was throwing his body against the window.

The plane was already descending in preparation for landing within 10 minutes.

Two other passengers helped in physically restraining Sawada.

The captain was notified and Sawada was moved to a different seat. Five passengers had to be moved.

Two passengers sat next to Sawada to watch him.

He later became angry with another passenger, and started punching the window and kicking the seat in front of him.

The flight attendant said Sawada kicked her several times.

After Sawada was physically restrained, he continued to kick and bang his head on the seat.

No other details about the case were available."

Oh fuck it, my cut won't work.
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