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4:28 am - 07/18/2011

Rumours of break-up between television dramas and Johnny's??

Starring dramas fall to zero! Can the break-up between the television drama world and Johnny's be stopped!?

Having come into July, many new television dramas have started, but dramas starring Johnny's talent are creeping towards zero.

"Monday at 9 golden drama 『Zenkai Girl』(Fuji TV) stars NEWS's Nishikido Ryo, 『Bull Doctor』 (NTV) stars SMAP's Inagaki Goro and there are many others in supporting roles, but right now there are no cool protaganists played by Johnny's. Specifically, Inagaki Goro gained recognition as a supporting role in the movie,『13 Assassins』and seems to have since switched strategies toward supporting roles, with him gaining attention in 『Bull Doctor』," (Sport Journalist) .

This year's hot spring dramas had three starring members of Johnny's: Monday at 9 golden drama 『Shiawase ni narou yo』 (Fuji TV) starring SMAP's Katori Shingo, Nishikido Ryo's 『Inu wo kau to iu koto』 (Asahi TV), and 『Koukousei Restaurant』 (NTV) starring TOKIO's Matsuoka Masahiro, but none of these achieved high viewership ratings.
"Katori's drama is the second Monday at 9 golden time drama in history to receive single-digit ratings, with an average viewership rating of 11.7% (Video Research/Kanto Region). Nishikido's dog drama was originally supposed to include child actor prodigy Ashida Mana, but she was offered the second alternative to star in Fuji TV's 『Marumo no Okite』 and backed out at the last minute, leaving them with an average rating of 8.5%. Most likely if Ashida had starred in the Asahi TV drama, she would not have received her big break. Matsuoka's drama was based off a true story, but the story was too plain and ended off with single ratings and an average rating of 10.7%", (Television Magazine Writer).
It seems that TV stations are moving from being "Johnny's dependent" to "Johnny's break-up", and apparently the turning point was last year's summer dramas.

Because typically drama casting schedules are decided a year in advance, this year's summer drama casts should have been decided in the autumn of last year. Thus the casting reflects the results of last year's summer dramas. Dramas starring Johnny's talent were three, including Arashi's Matsumoto Jun in Monday at 9 golden drama 『Natsu no koi wa nijiiro ni kagayaku』 (Fuji TV), TOKIO's Nagase Tomoya in 『Unubore Deka』 (TBS), Shonentai's Higashiyama Noriyuki in 『GM Odore Doctor』. Although there were no dramas starring members of SMAP, expetations were high with the combined power of Arashi, TOKIO and Shonentai. However, despite Arashi being at the peak of their popularity, Matsumoto's drama only received an average rating of 12.3%. Nagase's drama had great expectations with a script written by Kudou Kankurou, but all but the first episode failed to go beyond single digits, earning an average rating of 8.0%. Higashiyama, at the time, was gaining lots of attention  with his marriage to actress Kimura Yoshino but the weak second half was barraged by single digit ratings and ended with an average rating of 10.0%. This result caused the stations to apparently realize that "we can't get ratings just by using Johnny's".  It used to be that when Johnny's drama ratings received bad ratings, the production team would furiously blame the agency. This became troublesome, so they apparently decided that it would be more sensible to have them star in an important role rather than the starring one", (Television Official).

Starting in October, TBS will celebrate its 60th anniversary by airing the drama 『Nankyoku Tairiku ~Kami no ryouiki ni idonda otoko to inu no monogatari~』[Antarctica ~The story of the man and dogs who challenged God's territory~]  starring KimuTaku but "ratings are expected to reach over 30%. Though nothing is being heard about the future for drama's starring anyone other than KimuTaku" (Same as above) only to say that, it seems likely that future Johnny's starring roles may come to only include KimuTaku.

Source: Cyzo 
I'm dying at the thought of not seeing any of my beloved boys in leading roles, but I have to say this wouldn't surprise me in the least if it were true (Regardless of the source >.> ). Ratings for dramas with Johnny's boys have not pulled in the ratings they once did. Personally, I think this is the fault of the production team (people won't watch it if it sucks!!) and there's also probably some other factors involved, including the increased use of PVR. But it also shows that Johnny's power isn't as strong as it once was. No longer can the presence of a Johnny's boy make even a crappy drama popular.
P.S. Anyone got a good image or gif for this post? It's 4:30am and I'm fresh out of ideas.

P.P.S. K8 fans, don't brick me for the fact that the article listed Ryo-kun as only a member of NewS, not Kanjani 8. I'm innocent. *runs*
koichiko 18th-Jul-2011 09:28 pm (UTC)
Ah, I see, you are that kind of person ;D
No use talking to you then.

See you around!
lady_mercury 18th-Jul-2011 09:36 pm (UTC)
koichiko 18th-Jul-2011 09:37 pm (UTC)
It's kinda sad though, it's an interesting subject and I'd like to talk to you about it.
Instead you insult me.
lady_mercury 19th-Jul-2011 04:47 am (UTC)
well, i didn't insult you. i just said you sound mad.

if you want to read my opinions, i wrote a lengthy essay hurr:
koichiko 19th-Jul-2011 08:40 am (UTC)
Why exactly does it sound mad when I say every country has their own standards of quality?
lady_mercury 19th-Jul-2011 09:23 am (UTC)
True. But sometimes opinions should be kept to oneselves instead of voiced out loud :D
Especially opinions that aren't nice or productive.

koichiko 19th-Jul-2011 09:26 am (UTC)
How's that mad?
lady_mercury 19th-Jul-2011 10:09 am (UTC)
It's a sarcastic reply to a comment that was not antagonizing in nature. You're being an ass and you got an ass reply in return. Simple as that.

Edited at 2011-07-19 10:10 am (UTC)
koichiko 19th-Jul-2011 10:33 am (UTC)
I'M being an ass?
Gotta say, didn't see that one coming.

... then again, I don't see how that was being an ass.
From my point of view, if someone doesn't really have an insight on a subject and doesn't really have anything nice to say about it either, wouldn't it be better for said person to just not make a ass of themselves by critzising an entire country on what they see as quality?

And this interests me: What would you say is Ghibli movies then?
Isn't that quality in storytelling as well as a passing on of values?
lady_mercury 19th-Jul-2011 12:04 pm (UTC)
Everything is subjected to opinion. I think that mainstream media in Japan is tasteless and Japan has no taste. Just because you think it's great and all doesn't mean that someone else expresses the same opinion as you nor should that mean that someone must explain themselves to you in order for their opinion to be justified or validated to avoid having a snarky reply that states that they should not be able to express themselves.

You can't have the cake and eat it too.
koichiko 19th-Jul-2011 12:14 pm (UTC)
Oh, I don't think it's great, actually. It has flaws all over the place.

I just think that while you are obviously allowed to have your own opinion, you don't have to spread your negativity around. You are allowed to, of course, it's just not very nice. Or helpful. Or productive. Or anything at all.
And in general it can only help someone's karma if instead of voicing out every little negative thing in their head, they'd just keep quiet and keep their negativity to themselves, so we other's can enjoy our (maybe naive) happy, positive attitude :D

Japanese media has flaws. Like I said before, flaws as big as Jupiter. Not negating that. But not all of it is bad and when it comes to passing on values and things I'd want my daughter to appreciate in life, they sometimes actually know what they are doing. "Nobuta wo produce" for example was a great show to learn about the value of friendship and the horrors of bullying. It was a great way of showing teenagers how to handle it, what not to do and how to find help. I guess I don't have to show off the downsides of japanese media as you seem to have your very own opinion about what's bad, but I profusely refuse the notion that "Japan is tasteless".
Like the movies I mentioned above, japanese movies have their very own sense of tranquility and serenity and I would never say that's tasteless. In comparison to american TV or even european TV, Japan has actually a lot to offer that isn't tasteless or just plain disgusting.

Edited at 2011-07-19 12:16 pm (UTC)
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