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Ashida Mana becomes the new CM character for ‘Chicken Ramen’

Ashida Mana becomes the new CM character for ‘Chicken Ramen’


On August 4th, Japan’s beloved child actress Ashida Mana attended a press conference announcing her role as the new CM character for Nissin Food Product’s ‘Chicken Ramen‘.

Sporting a ‘Hiyoko-chan’ costume, Ashida said, “I will do my best, piyo,” and cutely flapped her wings.
At the event, Ashida shared that her favorite topping on chicken ramen is eggs. When asked if she could crack the egg herself, the actress answered, “I can crack them well.

Regarding her CM shoot with the costume, Ashida commented, “I’m really excited,” and sang the CM song to wrap up the event.

The new CM will air nationwide starting August 13th.

More pics here

SOURCE: tokyohive
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