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5:37 pm - 08/07/2011

Yahoo! News asks: Is there too much Korean entertainment in Japan?

Yahoo! News is asking its readers to weigh in on the recent influx of Korean entertainment in Japan

"After Takaoka Sousuke criticized the Korean wave he was fired from his agency. On one side, some are saying "I don't see anything wrong with the Hanryu. It's an age of globalism," (brain scientist Ken Mogi). How do you feel about the amount of Hanryu in Japan?"

Results so far show 93% of readers think there is too much, with 5% saying there's just enough, 3% not knowing and in last place, 1% saying there's not enough.
Source: Yahoo! News
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Get in on the fun, guys! The poll closes on Wednesday!
seabornestyle 7th-Aug-2011 03:27 pm (UTC)
I don't understand this logic. How bad does it have to get before we can say we don't want any more Korean entertainment without being ~racist~? It's flooding into every nook and cranny of Japanese daily life and it's annoying to a lot of people. We have every right to be irritated and to voice those opinions.
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