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6:51 am - 08/11/2011

Kyarypamyupamyu is #1 on the Hyped Music charts!’s Hype Chart tracks the fastest-rising artists around the world, revealing who’s hot right now.

This week it’s all-change in the top five; from lo-fi to J-Pop, read on to find out who’s on top.

Sleeper Agent sneak in at #5, an indie-rock outfit hailing from California whose debut single “Get It Daddy” has seen their fans climb 325% this week. They’re a little behind Swedish star Firefox AK, whose latest single “Boom Boom Boom” has helped her to 606,558 track plays from 50,793 listeners to date.

Two lo-fi outfits sit at #3 and #2; TV Girl‘s listeners have climbed 356% in the last week, while Gauntlet Hair have shot up to 14,341 listeners from 2,500 in just seven days.

But at #1 it’s J-Pop phenomenon きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ (Kyary Pamyu Pamyu). The teenage singer has seen her audience climb by 1,127% in the last week, fueled by the success of single “PONPONPON”. As she gears up for the release of debut ‘mini’ album もしもし原宿 (Moshi Moshi Harajuku) later this month.

Find out who manages to hold on to the top of the Hype Chart next week, at Trends.

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It's crazy on how many plays she's gotten with just two songs. I remember I was the one to create her page, filling out her bio, putting up her first photo, and even leaving her first shoutbox comment. And now her shoutbox is never inactive! I'm just butthurt that the top similar artists are all k-pop, I mean I like k-pop and all but she's not similar to them. capsule's not even there when Nakata is her producer, smh. BUT KEEP ON SLAYIN' KYARY!
lelouchikaru 11th-Aug-2011 12:05 pm (UTC)
since when did arama had a "j-tek" tag?
barbiepsylocke 11th-Aug-2011 12:35 pm (UTC)
what does j-tek even mean???
lelouchikaru 11th-Aug-2011 12:48 pm (UTC)
Either of the following:
- Technopop (term for Japanese-language electropop)
- J-electro (Japanese electro -- electro is different from electropop)

Actually, I still stick with the old Wikipedia definition of electropop, since they now merged electropop into "synthpop". And how come they didn't know 'bout a motorcycle motor-sounding electropop called "motorpop"?

Electropop (also called technopop) is a pop-orientated form of electronic music primarily consisting the use of synthesizers. The genre has seen a revival of popularity and influence since the late 2000s. "Electropop" is the short form of "electronic pop". The term was used primarily during the 1980s to describe a form of synthpop characterized by an emphasized electronic sound — often described as cold and robotic — and by minimal arrangements. This was mainly due to the limitations of the analog synthesizers and recording techniques used at the time, but has since become a stylistic choice. Electropop laid the groundwork for a mass market in chart-oriented synthpop. Electropop songs are pop songs at heart, often with simple, catchy hooks and dance beats, but differing from those of electronic dance music genres which electropop helped to inspire — techno, house, electroclash, etc. — in that songwriting is emphasized over simple danceability.

Synthpop is a genre of music in which the synthesizer is the dominant musical instrument. It originated as part of the New Wave movement of the late-1970s to the mid-1980s, and it has continued to exist and develop. While most current popular music in the industrialized world is realized via electronic instruments, synthpop has its own stylistic tendencies which differentiate it from other music produced by the same means. These include the exploitation of artificiality (i.e., the synthesis of sounds from waveforms) where the synthesizers are not used to imitate acoustic instruments, the use of mechanical sounding rhythms, vocal arrangements as a counterpoint to the artificiality of the instruments, and ostinato patterns as an effect. Synthpop song structures are generally similar to those of other popular music.
barbiepsylocke 11th-Aug-2011 01:00 pm (UTC)
oh I see...
thanks for the info...^_^
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