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Happiness holds surprise live at Shibuya 109

On August 17th, dance unit Happiness held their first surprise live in front of Shibuya 109 to celebrate the release of their third single, “Wish“.

At the concert, Happiness sang “Wish” and “Happy Talk” in front of 1,500 fans that consisted mainly of high school girls. KAREN expressed, “I was nervous because it was my first guerrilla live, but everyone’s encouragement gave me power.” MAYU also stated, “I was able to do my best with a smile because everyone watched over us.” While the other members said, “I’m happy because I didn’t think this much people would stop to watch us.

While it is said that Happiness is the next big break among the girl groups, one of the girls commented, “In a good way, the many idol groups are our rivals,” and continued, “We aim to become like EXILE, who is loved by everyone.

Happiness is comprised of seven 15-year old girls: KAREN, MIYUU, YURINO, MAYU, SAYAKA, MIMU, and KAEDE. They formed in 2008 as graduates from EXILE’s dance school, “EXPG“, and made their major debut in February of this year.


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