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Kimutaku attends press conference in Beijing

On August 16th, SMAP’s Kimura Takuya (38) attended a press conference in Beijing, where SMAP will be performing their first overseas performance on September 16th. The theme for the concert is “Do Your Best Japan, Thank You China, Asia is One”. Dressed in a black suit with a crimson necktie, he expressed his gratitude to China for the aid received after the Tohoku earthquake and that SMAP wants to show their audience hopefulness and Japan's strength in the efforts of their recovery.

Earlier this year, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao invited them to have concerts in China with hope that "they will bring seeds of friendship between China and Japan, and that with their performance in China, these seeds will grow and blossom." Kimura admitted that he was very nervous about meeting with the Premier but Wen was very nice and easy to talk to. Wen immediately got into their performance and treated them warmly and the members are very thankful. They are hoping to express their gratitude again onstage at the concert and promote the cultural exchange between the two countries. (there's rumours that Premier Wen will attend SMAP's concert)

Kimura also stated "The members are nervous about performing overseas for the first time and in particular whether the audience can follow us."

Other topics during the interview included Chinese beauties. Faye Wong and Ziyi Zhang has worked with him in <2046> and most recently he has worked with Lin Chi-Ling. He praised all of them, but the host revealed that "in an earlier conversation, he(Kimura) said he had filmed Tsuki no Koibito in Shanghai and he did not see a Chinese girl prettier than Lin Chi-Ling". Kimura seemed embarassed and laughed, explaining "Because I knew about her before. I'm used to looking into the audience's eyes while singing. I believe in this Beijing's concert I will find more beautiful girls in the audience."

He also answered rumours about friction between the SMAP members. Since their debut 20 years ago, there have been rumours about fights and that other than Nakai, the other members are scared of Kimura. Kimura admitted that "SMAP has been together for 20 years, even though we have had fights before, everyone pulls through because we are determined to continue as a group. But saying they are scared of me, I actually don't feel that 'looked up to' in the group."

5 lucky fans were also allowed on stage to present presents to Kimura. (and some hardcore fans waving uchiwas in the audience :]) Kimura also brought news that SMAP has completed recording for the Chinese version of Yozora no mukou

CCTV news

Fuji news

Source: tokyohive
South cn news
press con around 22 min is when the fans meet him he's so yasashii~

Kimutaku is so hot speaking chinese~ And I'm so excited for chinese yozora!
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