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11:51 pm - 08/18/2011

SMAP, Son Masayoshi, Oh Sadaharu establish the East Japan Disaster Recovery Support Foundation

SMAP's Masahiro Nakai (38) attended a press conference in Tokyo on July 25 establishing the East Japan Disaster Recovery Support Foundation, and pledged to support the children who have been affected by the disaster. SMAP, along with Softbank president Masayoshi Son (53) and pro baseball Softbank chair Sadaharu Ou (71) have been part of key movement foundations, all recognized as charitable foundations, with the aim of supporting children who have become victims from the disaster.

Nakai said he hoped their network would expand even further.

"I hope that our efforts right now will make people turn their heads, even for a little, towards those in the disaster area."

SMAP have risen up for the children. The foundation plans to support children over a long term period. Nakai appeared on behalf of the five members, and made it clear they were serious.

"Some people might say, 'they're such hypocrites', but this isn't the time to be thinking about how other people judge us. We want to do our best to make everyone see what needs to be done in the disaster area."

The talent's expression was a change from his variety show self which he had shown the night before during Fuji TV's "27hr TV" show.

SMAP are also part of their agency's Johnny's & Associates support project "Marching J", but Nakai himself has been to the disaster zone in secret 4, 5 times to date. On one occasion he even helped out with cooking. He said that seeing the damage himself hurt him. As a result, Nakai has said he vowed to give up the one thing he loved the most, and has since refused tickets to any baseball game.

Source: Chunichi Sports, Daily Sports

Translated by Momo Edgewood (Thank you!)

SMAP has done far more in support of the recovery effort than most people realize. But as Nakai says, it should not be about looking at what people have done. It should be about doing what can be done.
asweetsymphony 19th-Aug-2011 05:50 am (UTC)
Nakai-kun. <333 Thanks to the Softbank corporation too. Hopefully no one will accuse them of being con artists.. -ehem-
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