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7:06 am - 08/24/2011

11 Reasons for demonstrating in front of Fuji Main office

Seems that too much Korean drama as been reported by many media before is not the only reason on why the demonstration against Fuji TV happen. From these youtube clips we can hear the other actual reasons for the act.

Written by Username8098@youtube:

Fuji Television Network is one of the TV stations in Japan. We criticize Fuji TV Network.
The broadcasting station of the own country is partial to only a certain one country. In addition, they diminish an athlete and the national interest of the own country. We criticize such inclination broadcasting. Because Fuji TV broadcasted only Korean contents, it was a fact that some people criticized Korean contents. However, the people of the Fuji TV protection call it racial discrimination. We Japanese do not perform criticism of others without a reason. We avoid racial discrimination most.
I write some reasons why we criticize Fuji TV Network. Because there are too many reasons to write here, so I write several reasons.
Fuji Television Network doesn't broadcast following problems. Moreover, they are causing following scandals recently.

① "Soshiki" contributed 62,500,000 yen in total to the political body derived from "the citizen's party" indirectly. We knew this scandal on July 1st. However, Fuji has never broadcasted. This problem is like following; Barack Obama donated 781,250 dollars ( now, a dollar≒80 yen ) to Usāma bin Lādin's relatives. Fuji doesn't broadcast this scandal, but they broadcast Korean contents 40 hours per a week.
※"Soshikai": A fund management group. Kan Naoto, prime minister of Japan, and Yukio Hatoyama, ex-Prime Minister, belong to this.
※" A citizen's party": The relative of the suspect who abducted a Japanese belongs to this.
※Abduction issue:By North Korea, several Japanese were abducted in 1970~1980. The Japanese Government announces that the number of abductees amounts to 17 now. In September, 2002, North Korea accepted Japanese abduction, and five victims went back to their own country in October of the year. But, about other victims, there is not yet the convincible explanation from North Korea.

②Fuji betrayed volunteers. : Tohoku region in Japan was hit by Tsunami. For the revival, some people resolved to work volunteer. Fuji Television Network used such people to set a stage to use by a TV program. Fuji didn't inform them beforehand. Fuji TV Network exploited their volunteer spirits

③Tokai TV Network is one of group Fuji Television Network Holdings. The TV Network broadcast telop "rice which is polluted by cesium". They apologized "We are sorry. The telop was for rehearsals." Before the problem is found out, they said "We support the stricken area". We are convinced that Tokai TV Network laugh at the disaster area, in the place where our eyes do not arrive.

④We saw reporters' imprudent attitude many times in a short time. For examples, Mr.Edano, Chief Cabinet Secretary, held a press conference about the situation of the nuclear power stations which have been stricken by Tsunami many times, immediately after earthquake. In the press conference, a reporter said "Again? I laugh." Moreover, recently, a female TV announcer laughed in the vigil over a pro-sports player's body. We doubt their humanity is normality.

⑤TV stars who criticized Fuji or the Korean boom was drawn off work. Now, Japan is under the worst circumstances since war. Moreover, Japan is in conflict with Korea for a territorial dispute now. To take advantage of the opportunity of the disaster, Korea invaded Takeshima, although Japan has a good reason for believing that Takeshima is our territory. Incidentally, Korea cannot certify that the island is theirs. Korea continues to refuse trying to have the judge of the International Court of Justice. Although such situation, Fuji continue to broadcast Korean contents 40 hours per a week, without broadcasting such very important problem. Something is strange.

⑥Fuji TV Network treated successive Prime Minister's name as suspects in the drama. Is Fuji really a Japanese TV station?

⑦A heroine of Fuji's drama on August 7th was wearing T-shirts written "Little-Boy" (The Hiroshima atomic bomb: August 6) (Little-Boy is code name of Hiroshima atomic bomb). Have you seen the photograph of the radiation victim in Hiroshima? Fuji Television Network laughs at atomic bomb victims.

⑧Similarly, a fat man was wearing T-shirts written "9" in the drama. Atomic bomb which was dropped to Nagasaki on August 9th is "Fat-Man". Some people said "You read too much into it." But, a person identified the T-shirts after that. "ROC WEAR" sells T-shirts on which atomic bomb is printed. Fuji Television Network said "We didn't intend like that. It's a matter of regret if you judged so." However, the producer of the drama has a big relation for production of "bare foot Gen". This story was made in reference to the victim of atomic bomb. Therefore, Fuji's excuse just won't sell. Obviously, they did intentionally.

⑨"Kimigayo" is a Japanese national anthem.
ISU World Figure Skating Championships in 2007: Miki Ando won the championship. Fuji didn't broadcast "Kimigayo".
ISU World Figure Skating Championships in 2008: Mao Asada won the championship. Fuji didn't broadcast "Kimigyo".
ISU World Figure Skating Championships in 2009:Yuna Kim, a Korea player, won the championship. Fuji broadcast Korean anthem.
ISU World Figure Skating Championships in 2010: Mao Asada won the championship. (Complaints rush. Fuji did an explanation hard to hear and promised to improve the action of own later.)
ISU World Figure Skating Championships in 2011: Miki Ando won the championship.
Fuji didn't broadcast a picture of the Japanese flag projected on ice and an earthquake disaster support message from Russia. (Their action is not improved.)」
Japan Derby in 2011: Fuji didn't broadcast the Kimigayo performance before the race.
FIFA Women's World Cup in 2011: "Nadeshiko Japan" won the championship. They did not broadcast Japanese victory lap. U.S.A. and the Canadian broadcasting station broadcasted it.

⑩Fuji TV does not report it about "the danger of the human rights relief bill" and "danger of the foreign franchise". Possibility to threaten Japanese national sovereignty is very high in these bills submitted to the Diet soon. When own sovereignty seems to be threatened, we make resistance against it thoroughly.

⑪There are countless videos now uploaded in Youtube that show that Fuji has been using subliminal effects (manipulating the subconscious of the viewers) to promote Korean contents. These evidences show that in programs that have nothing to do with Korea, they slip in images of kpop star, put in words like "love korea" in the background, and use korean national flag designs in the background. The thing to note is that it's all in the background and only after careful observation can you make them out to be such. Google subliminal effect for details. It's been banned by law btw. Example of brainwashing by the subliminal effect:

Fuji said "We are broadcasting Korean contents, because cost effectiveness is good."
However, that cannot convince us.
"Fuji's Not Broadcasting Kimigayo", "Fuji's Not Broadcasting political contributions", "Fuji's Not Broadcasting Takeshima problem" and so on.
Fuji wants to only replace a point at issue of "criticizing Korean contents". The focal point of the DEMO is Fuji's INCLINATION BROADCASTING.


seems like actually they've hold their grudge against Fuji for quite a long time now and the Takaoka's incident really sets the trigger and we can hear clapping and agreeing from the bystanders in those videos.
koutaishi 24th-Aug-2011 12:41 am (UTC)
not for economically Japan, since Korea is aiming to overtake it in what have been traditionally Japan largest export industries (auto manufacturing, Asian pop culture, electronics, etc.).
koutaishi 24th-Aug-2011 01:05 am (UTC)
well, I'd say Korea is aiming to be #1, and Japan is #1 now, so that'd be overtaking right? lol I dunno, I typed and retyped that sentence like three times trying to make it sound right.
baka_tenshi 24th-Aug-2011 12:50 am (UTC)
but kpop's just a fad right now - just like how trucker hats were in the USA. that's all it is. o_O 100% positive they will always have their jpop.
baka_tenshi 24th-Aug-2011 12:53 am (UTC)
not gonna lie, i wanted to smack those hats off of the celebrities who wore those.
koutaishi 24th-Aug-2011 12:58 am (UTC)
I don't think the protests are really about K-Pop though.

but I also don't think it's blind racism. I think it's the fact that Korea has targeted the industries upon which Japan built itself into the second largest economy in the world and could displace Japan as the global leader of Asian pop culture and technology. that's what's probably got these people angry more than a K-drama or two on their TVs lol.
zomboid 24th-Aug-2011 01:17 am (UTC)
I wouldn't say they're as sensible as that. I agree the protests aren't really about Kpop but if you ever go on 2chan or forums that these protesters frequent, a lot of the comments are pretty extreme. When the main chants for the protest are "Tennou banzai!" and "Don't force Korean stuff on us!" I'd say that's pretty xenophobic.
baka_tenshi 24th-Aug-2011 01:19 am (UTC)
korea isn't just aiming to try to take over precious japan - they're trying to take over the world - through their music.

korea's competing with other companies in the world moreso than japan's auto companies.
ebonskye 24th-Aug-2011 02:27 am (UTC)
Good point, I wonder how much the economic concerns factors into this sort of thing. Especially considering the way the economy is. If I am not mistaken, foreign musicians aren't allowed to participate in a lot of Korean shows so it's not even an "equal" exchange situation.
benihime99 24th-Aug-2011 08:27 am (UTC)
What about the US then... I don't understand why Korea has to be the vilain here... if one country should be accused (not "has to be" just "should") it surely is the US... come on Mc donald is present everywhere even in some region that don't have the economy to eat there
flightbyzephyr 24th-Aug-2011 09:00 am (UTC)
your right but i think the reasonl why korea has really gotten people angry rather than america is because historicly the japanese have thought they were better than them (it is the same with chinese people).

Not that they havn't felt that way with other forgin race groups, especially during wwii, but korea was a part of their former empire.

Read up on comfort women and you will see the kind of leftover issues they have.
benihime99 24th-Aug-2011 09:10 am (UTC)
I do see your point...
Some japanese people ("some") think that their counstry is above all of the other asian country but from an objective point of view the grudge they hold against the US (WWII incident...) should be a bigger issue than some K-drama yet they seem to focuss on what they think is the weaker ennemy
koutaishi 24th-Aug-2011 11:08 am (UTC)
here's the difference: movies, television, pop music, fast food, etc. are all Western creations.
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