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Crystal Kay writes about Aaliyah on the 10th year anniversary of her death

Kuri-chan gave tribute to the late R&B singer by giving her thoughts on her death and her music.

Today is my beloved
death anniversary.

Ten years have already passed.
When I was in middle school I loved her so much...
I'd try to add an Aaliyah flavor to my music videos,
I'd practice dancing while watching her music videos too.

There really wasn't any type of woman I admired more than her.
She was so cool, had a bit of dark side but then she was also
very beautiful and mysterious.

I wonder why such a charismatic existence left us so soon...its so strange.
Way too soon.

But her songs live on in everyone hearts

RIP Aaliyah
(Janary 16, 1979 - August 25, 2001)

Source: Crystal's Blog and my translation skills (correct me if I'm wrong ^_^;)

Forever my favorite, beloved, flawless, beautiful R&B goddesses. <3

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