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Tamaki Hiroshi signs onboard to Chinese movie 'Tong Que Tai'

Movie Tong Que Tai's Director Zhao Lin Shan revealed on his Weibo that Japanese actor Tamaki Hiroshi, Korean actress Yun Eunhye (Goong, Coffee Prince) and Taiwanese Actor Alec Su will co-star in this high-budget historical film.

Tong Que Tai (literally translated as Copper Sparrow Platform) takes place in the Chinese Three Kingdoms period and is related to the figure Cao Cao. The movie will start shooting in October and rumoured to cost 130 million Yuan (~20 million USD) with specific details still under wraps.

The director posted a picture of Tamaki, his first time filming in China, discuss the script together through an interpreter. Director Zhao also praised Tamaki for his work ethics as well as his good looks.

Of note is that Tamaki has already gathered some following in China due to his role in the popular drama Nodame Cantabile.

Source: ifeng , udn, weibo

kyaaaa.... can't wait for this film..... and whatever Tamaki's new *look* will be
I want more of historical Tamaki like in Ooku xD
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