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What’s your favorite song by Hamasaki Ayumi?

Recochoku recently revealed the results of its latest group of rankings, asking users to choose their favorite songs by beloved pop singer Hamasaki Ayumi.

The ranking was split into three different categories, each describing a different aspect of the famous singer. The first is a lyric ranking, where users picked a song whose lyrics they most sympathized with. Coming in first place for this list is the title track of her first album, “A Song for XX“. Both male and female users responded that they could relate to the themes of insecurity as a young person. Despite being released in 1999, “A Song for XX” continues to be one of her most popular songs.

The second ranking is “The Ayu song you want to hear in the summer”, and was easily dominated by her sunny 2006 track “BLUE BIRD“. The PV for “BLUE BIRD” features Ayu singing cheerfully on a beautiful white beach, perfectly fitting the summer atmosphere of the upbeat song.

Lastly, Recochoku asked users to rank which Ayu song made them cry the most. Since releasing the song “Days” in 2008, Hamasaki has continued to perform the song at concerts with her dancer Syu-ya, who helps paint a sad story that elicits tears from both Ayu and her fans.

Check out the full ranking for each theme below!


< The Ayu song whose lyrics I sympathized with >
01. A Song for XX
02. Days
03. MY ALL

< The Ayu song I want to hear in the summer >
02. July 1st
03. Greatful days

< The Ayu song that made me cry the most >
01. Days
02. You were…


What songs would you have chosen?

TH via Barks

I never cared for Days but I am happy the readers picked Ayu's more modern songs!!!

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