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Haro!Pro All Stars new single this fall

All Hello! Project stars are going to release a new single under the group name "Mobekimasu" this fall.

The single is titled "Busu ni Naranai Tetsugaku" and will come out on 11/16 in 7 editions: the usual Regular Edition and Limited A, B, C, D, E and F, which will each respectively feature a c/w a song by a different group, and all of the editions (including regular) come with a special ticket for a handshake and live event.

The name is formed after Morning Musume, Berryz Koubou, Kiuto (C-ute), Mano Erina and Sumaireji (S/mileage). The name was first used for a H!P Summer tour in 2010. Althought they're not part of the name, the Haro!Pro Eggs will also participate. There was no mention weither the 10th generation members will be participating in this single as a part of Momusu or not (although they should have entered the group by then). Ai-chan won’t be in this release but the new S/mileage sub-members will take part in it.

The only precedent of an All Stars single in H!P dates back in 2004 with the single "All for One and One for all" which sold 61K. The difference is that the Eggs didn't participate in this one, and that they're now going with the name "Mobekimasu" instead of continuing with "All Stars". Back then the single only had a Regular and a Limited edition, while now it was 7 editions with 6 c/ws.


Seems to me like an attempt to get everyone at Kouhaku
Tags: berryz kobo, c-ute, hello!project, mano erina, morning musume, s/mileage

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