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Goto Maki thanks fans for their support at her final “a-nation” live

On August 27th, avex soloist Goto Maki appeared at the label’s annual summer concert “a-nation“, where she thanked her fans for their support throughout her long career. The performance on the 27th was a special one for Goto Maki fans, as it was her final ‘a-nation’ concert after four years in a row.

“To all the fans who have supported me ’til now, and to everyone I met with at a-nation, really, thank you very much!” she said to the crowd. Goto Maki continued with the announcement, “Many of you may already know, but I, Goto Maki, have had a full year and will be taking a long break beginning in January of next year.” “But, even though I’m saying this, there are still several months left until my last [live] in December. Since I hope I can run through it Goto Maki-style with all the strength I have, please cheer me on!”


This year, the music event celebrated its 10th anniversary. The first concert was held in Ehime on July 30th, followed by subsequent concerts in Fukuoka, Aichi, Osaka, and Tokyo (which held a final two-day live).  Five Ito-Yokado stores in three different prefectures affected by March’s Tohoku disaster provided free viewing of the Tokyo lives, while money earned by the sale of tickets and goods were donated entirely to charity.


AKB48's raising star and solist Tomomi Itano published on her blog a picture with Goto Maki at the a-nation's backstage. Itano is really happy to meet her. To many fans, she seems seems to be following the same path Goto took back in the day with Morning Musume.


Notice that she said "long break" instead of "retirement"!!

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