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Idol group Fairies perform their first Kansai live

On August 27th, seven-member girl group Fairies performed their first Kansai live at AEON MALL TURUMI Leafa in Osaka.

The group is signed under Vision Factory, the same label that houses artists like Amuro Namie (33) and SPEED. All comprised of middle school students, they were named after their “fairy-like” dancing skills, which they brought out  full force at their Kansai live.

The girls performed “More Kiss” (which is to go on sale on September 21st), and charmed their audience of 2,000.

Osaka-born member Fujita Miria (13) smiled as she said “I am happy that I was able to do a performance in my home town.  Both of my parents came to watch me.” Meanwhile, members Ito Momoka (13) and Inoue Rikako expressed how touched they felt by Osaka’s enthusiastic reception, as they said, “Everyone is very cheerful and we felt their warmth.”


Fairies tag plz~

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