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10:06 pm - 08/29/2011

10 Best Anime Sword Fights

Prepare to kick some ass samurai style with the ten best anime sword fights. Few things are as exciting to us mere mortals as a bit of blood sport, and the ten best anime sword fights let us indulge our love for insane violence and amazing art in one place.

“Samurai X: Reversed Edge Sword vs Kamba Sword”

Samurai X: reversed edge sword vs kamba sword

After kicking his ass in a previous fight, Kenshin finally thinks he's able to enlist Sanosuke’s help in his fight against the corrupt government forces. Sadly, Sanosuke decides to turn his sword on Kenshin, making one of the ten best anime fights bittersweet.

“Fate/Stay Night: The Sword of Promised Victory”

Fate/Stay Night: The Sword of Promised Victory Best Anime Sword Fights

With Samber in the clutches of the villainous Ilya and her Berserker, all seems lost. Until, Shiro is able to trace a sword powerful enough to defeat the Berserker. But it isn't his being able to trace the sword that makes this one of the ten best anime sword fights, it’s Shiro’s brilliant disarticulation of the Beserker.

“Samurai Champloo: Jin and Mugen vs Hand of God”

Samurai Champloo: Jin and Mugen vs Hand of God Best Anime Sword Fights

Jin and Mugen are confronted by a stranger at the water front. At first, the man seems like just a mad man, but as the battle rages on he reveals that ihe s an integral part of Jin’s past. This scene makes the list of the ten best anime sword fights because of it’s fluid and innovative action.

“Sword of the Stranger: Nanashi vs Lou-Lang”

Sword of the Stranger: Nanashi vs Lou-Lang Best Anime Sword Fights

This one of the ten best anime sword fights is an epic battle of styles, wills and class. In the final battle of the movie Nanashi, the warrior without a clan, goes up against Lou Lang, a member of the Ming who lives for nothing but the thrill of finding the ultimate opponent.

“Naurato:Sasuke vs Hachibi”

Naurato:Sasuke vs Hachibi Best Anime Sword Fights

You can’t have a list of the ten best anime sword fights without mentioning this battle between Sasuke and Hachibi. Yes, Sasuke has some seriously sick moves, but Hachibi going after him with seven swords at once is pretty bad ass.

“Adolescence of Utena: The Movie: Utena vs Saionji”

Adolescence of Utena: The Movie: Utena vs Saionji Best Anime Sword Fights

Punctuated by beautiful animation and a haunting soundtrack, this one of the ten best anime swords fights has it all; cute girls fighting to the death. Can you really ask for anything more?

“Queen’s Blade: Ambitious Under Taking of a Warrior Priestess”

Queen’s Blade: Ambitious Under Taking of a Warrior Priestess Best Anime Sword Fights

This one of the ten best anime sword fights is for all of the pervs out there. In a show that is dominated by massive boobs popping out of tiny outfits, this combination of sword fighting and oil wrestling is the best part of the series.

"Samurai X: Kenshin vs Saito"

Samurai X: Kenshin vs Saito Best Anime Sword Fights

Being shot in darkness is what makes this one of the ten best anime sword fights. The shadows accented with sprays of blood makes the rivalry between Kenshin and Saito more intense.

“Samurai Champloo: Mugen vs Jin”

Samurai Champloo: Mugen vs Jin Best Anime Sword Fights

Before they became the coolest pair of Samurai to ever wield a sword, there was this one of the ten best anime sword fights. It’s a brilliant display of their individual skills and lays the ground work for their teaming up.

“One Piece: Zoro vs Mr. 1 Bones”

One Piece: Zoro vs Mr. 1 Bones Best Anime Sword Fights

When you go up against an opponent that can’t be injured with just a sword you have to improvise if you want to make it out alive. Dropping a house on a guy in the middle of a sword fight is why this is one of the ten best anime sword fights.


Damn did they really leave out Kenshin vs Shishio?
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asaphira_sachi 30th-Aug-2011 05:59 am (UTC)
Sword of the Stranger

Such an underrated title ♥ Some of the loveliest animation in that movie.
liime_arix 30th-Aug-2011 06:01 am (UTC)
How the hell do you forget Shishio vs Kenshin (Shishio should have won), that was the best sword fight ever, from the best season of one of my favorite anime.
brucelynn 30th-Aug-2011 06:07 am (UTC)
Wow we actually agree on something

I still have that fight on vhs when I recorded off of toonami rlmao!!!

(no subject) - Anonymous
brucelynn 30th-Aug-2011 06:13 am (UTC)
Hai gurl u like my new icon >:)
(no subject) - Anonymous - Expand
gigabytexx 30th-Aug-2011 06:08 am (UTC)
Always amused by Saito's way of holding his sword. Very similar with SieFan's twisting sticks from Kungfu Boy LOL
peachie_ego No Killer Bee vs Sasuke sword fight? List invalid!!!30th-Aug-2011 06:19 am (UTC)

littleraindrops Re: No Killer Bee vs Sasuke sword fight? List invalid!!!30th-Aug-2011 07:51 am (UTC)
Sasuke vs Hachibi ← it's right there though.
yume_no_yousei 30th-Aug-2011 06:20 am (UTC)
Ok, first of all, that Fate/Stay Night fight wasn't even that great. They got F/SN in but not Kenshin vs. Shishio? Dx
And second of all, Zoro vs. Mr. 1 Bones was first, but Zoro vs. Kaku wasn't even on the list? =/
Is this list old or something? Because his fight with Kaku was far better.
anrixan 30th-Aug-2011 06:27 am (UTC)
I'm surprised nothing from Bleach made this list, tbh.....

But that Mugen vs Jin sword fight was pretty badass. I need to rewatch that anime one of these days...
peachie_ego 30th-Aug-2011 06:33 am (UTC)
Meh...I think the only I was really interested in before I stopped watching it was the Ichigo vs. Kenpachi/grimmjow fights.
myka551 30th-Aug-2011 06:36 am (UTC)
where the hell is Ichigo VS Byakuya from Bleach???
kat_desu 30th-Aug-2011 06:45 am (UTC)
kaitou_marina 30th-Aug-2011 06:40 am (UTC)
1. The Utena sword fight listed here isn't even the best one of that particular series. IMO, at least.

3. NOTHING will ever top the sword fight that happens in the second season of Kaleido Star. NOTHING.
idioticpi 30th-Aug-2011 06:32 pm (UTC)
also, you went from 1 to 3?
fukamiru 30th-Aug-2011 06:41 am (UTC)
Kenshin vs. Saito, oh hell yeah
hemisofia 30th-Aug-2011 06:43 am (UTC)
Samurai Champloo FTW!
nova_usagi 30th-Aug-2011 06:45 am (UTC)
Only one person had a sword but, the one in that Kara no Kyoukai movie was well done.

I also kind of liked the sword fight Sando had in Shin Angyo Onshi the movie. And in that Jubeichan series, some of the fights were entertaining. Oh and in Ga-Rei Zero....
chixm8_49 30th-Aug-2011 07:45 am (UTC)
Kara no Kyoukai is a good one and one of the underrated .. I guess. I really like that sword fight ... and the graphics overall. And of course, the sweetheartsloversmarried couple Maaya Sakamoto and Kenichi Suzumura are there. X3
zomboid 30th-Aug-2011 06:46 am (UTC)
Not really a true sword fight but I always thought the epic battle at the end of Cowboy Bebop was amazing.
rainbow_yarn 30th-Aug-2011 07:59 am (UTC)
I was thinking that too. I'd say it counts since Vicious was using a sword, but.

Although I'd say the fight in the chapel in Ballad of Fallen Angels is more memorable.
gyuri 30th-Aug-2011 06:50 am (UTC)
Everything about Samurai Champloo is amazing. The best fight in it was Mugen vs. Those three brothers tho.
december_clouds 30th-Aug-2011 07:03 pm (UTC)
I agree, especially the music.
gyuri 30th-Aug-2011 06:51 am (UTC)
Everytime there's an anime post on arama, I'm reminded of how much Bleach sucks and how people continue to watch such a bad anime.
valyrian 30th-Aug-2011 07:09 am (UTC)
It used to be legit okay.
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