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Poor Ayaya

Singer Matsuura Aya has revealed through her official website and blog that she was diagnosed with endometriosis.
Over the past four years, Matsuura has been experiencing abdominal pain, and so she consulted a doctor, who diagnosed her with the gynecological condition. It’s because of this reason that Matsuura has been refraining from tours and extensive music activities.
Since this year will celebrate the 10th year of her debut, the singer decided to reveal her secret in order to bring public awareness about the disease.
On her blog, Matsuura wrote, “For me, this is a personal and delicate problem, so only people close to me have known about this during the years of my activity. However, this is the 10th anniversary of my debut, it is an important year for both me and my fans. I can’t just stop without doing anything, when I’m hearing everyone’s voices.”
She continued, “I found that there are many people who are afflicted by the same illness. Also, I found out that it’s too late if the condition worsens by ignoring it, instead of visiting the hospital.” She hopes that with this announcement, “Many women will come to know about this illness. If there is anything bothering you, I suggest that you visit the hospital as soon as possible. I hope this becomes an opportunity.”
Regarding the illness itself, Matsuura’s official website explains, “It is said that there are 1-2 million potential patients. Not too long ago, it was an illness that was found commonly in women after childbirth, but recently, it has been affecting women in their 20’s and 30’s, and the cure for it is limited. We have heard that the specific cause has not yet been determined.”
As for Matsuura, her agency stated, “Depending on the person, the condition differs. However, because this is a disease associated with acute pains, we have been refraining from concerts, and have continued her activities while considering her health.”
Matsuura will continue to act and record new songs. She also showed her motivation saying, “I will continue with my activities without pushing myself too hard.”


oor Ayaya. I hope it's not too bad. 

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