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Lucky people in Baltimore gets to meet Japan's hottest duo <3

Last month power house duo CHEMISTRY came to the U.S. and performed in front of hundreds of fans in Baltimore, MD. They attended one of America’s biggest animation conventions, OTAKON and met with their U.S. fans for the first time. CHEMISTRY held an autograph session and a Q&A panel with fans.

Although the duo had a really busy schedule, they still made time to sit down with tokyohive for a little one on one. Find out about their thoughts from when they started until now, their influences, their new single, and much more!

Check out our exclusive interview with CHEMISTRY below!

tips from nansan_ogawa
  , Source 2, Source 3, Source 4 My country, I demand you to make a big anime/manga convention and invite cool artists like this! Onegai!

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