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Kaela Kimura to release new album!!!!

After releasing her new single “Kidoraku plus Ai” earlier this month, pop singer Kimura Kaela carried out a one-man live at Yokohama BLITZ for the first time in nearly a year and a half.

“XYLISH presents Welcome Home Tour 2011” gathered approximately 1,700 fans, who were all eager to see Kimura perform after she went on a short hiatus to focus on her pregnancy. “I’m back. I really have been waiting for this day,” she said as she took in all the smiling faces at the venue.

During her concert, it was also revealed that Kimura Kaela would be releasing her sixth album later this fall. Her latest album is titled “8EIGHT8“, and will be released on October 12th. “8EIGHT8″ will contain thirteen songs, all produced by Watanabe Shinobu from ASPARAGUS – the same musician who is currently serving as a member of her band and composed her hit songs “Ring a Ding Dong“, “TREE CLIMBERS“, “You bet!!“, and her latest tune “Kidoraku plus Ai“.

The first press edition of “8EIGHT8″ features the music videos for “Ring a Ding Dong”, “A winter fairy is melting a snowman“, and “Kidoraku plus Ai”, in addition to behind the scenes footage of the recording for the album.

Kimura Kaela will also be embarking on a Zepp tour to promote her new album, which will begin in January of 2012. The tour contains nine performances in six different locations.

Check out the track list for “8EIGHT8″ below!


< Track List >
01. Make my day!
03. 8EIGHT8
04. Ring a Ding Dong
05. Utau Lala
06. lollipop
07. Hoshi no Tane
08. Moon Light
09. Kidoraku plus Ai
10. deep beep
11. A winter fairy is melting a snowman
12. orange
13. Chocolate

Tokyhive via Barks


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