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Golden Bomber's "Memeshikute" ranking 4th in the HOT 100

Just on the weekend, Golden Bomber had been performing at the MJP GIG, where they also performed their signature song "Memeshikute". The song had originally been released in October 2009 as their 7th single. By now it has been re-released on their latest record and double A-side "Memeshikute / Nemutakute" on August 24th.
The track has been played 2,300,000 times on NicoNico Douga and become a real all-time favorite - aside from topping the indies charts again recently and making it on position 4 in the Japanese Billboard HOT 100.
In parody to the recent K-Pop boom in Japan, the release also contains a K-pop version of the song.
If you haven't listened to it, make sure to do so!

Tags: music/musician, music/musician (j-rock & visual kei)

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