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Yamada & Chinen attends "The Smurfs" Blue Carpet Preview

On August 30th, Hey! Say! JUMP’s Yamada Ryosuke (18) and Chinen Yuri (17) attended a preview screening event for movie “The Smurfs”, which the two participated in with voice acting.

At this event held at TOHO Cinemas, the two walked on a ‘blue carpet’ to match the theme of the blue smurfs from the movie and Yamada gave a high-five to the fans as a service and said, “I was successfully able to walk like a Hollywood star.” On the other hand, Chinen commented after hearing the screams of his female fans, “Oh god! I am nervous,” and expressed his feelings to the reporters.

As this was Yamada’s first time to voice act, he said, “When I watched the film, I thought to myself, ‘Is that really my voice?’” and gave his honest opinion regarding his voice acting.

Credits here

cute Chinen's having fun with the high-five with fans. Lol.
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