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which super celebrity senpai are you unintentionally attracted to?

Yamamoto Yuusuke stars in the drama Ouran Host Club with a super gorgeous senpai role. Which super celebrity senpai are you unintentionally attracted to?

...Is what the blog thing says, but kaycry is more saddened that Goo wants to be all mayor of Tokyo and is deleting all the actually remotely interesting 3-Day Ranking Polls. (Fact: 3-Day Ranking Polls are more interesting than regular polls, perhaps because they're user created or perhaps because there is a bunch of horny fangirls running around. Like "Which artist has the most annoying fanbase?" "Artist most likely to have STDS?" I mean, just yesterday I saw a poll that says "What Johnny looks like he sleeps around alot?" Srsly. And guess who was winning? Sexual Powerhouse. Srsly.)  Now its just full of what tea shop do you like in Tokyo and favorite movie. guurl no1currr. not that anyone cares about the aforementioned 

In other words your stuck with this docomo ranking bros.
Btw, celebrity here can be said to mean somewhere with gorgeous, elegant, eyecatching, etc.

So I'm just gonna leave this here.
Let ya'll dwell on it.

16. Tsukamoto Takashi
15. Okada Masaki
14. Takizawa Hideaki
13. Miura Haruma
12. Yamamoto Yuusuke
11. Higashiyama Noriyuki
10. Tanihara Shousuke

9. Yamashita Tomohisa

8. Fujiki Naohito

7. Tamaki Hiroshi

6. Narimiya Hiroki

5. Matsuda Shota

4. Mizushima Hiro

3. Sakurai Sho

2. Isn't #1 Suprised TBH

1. Matsumoto Jun

"read it and weep, bitches"

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