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Kamiki Ryunosuke stars in new Kudokan drama series

Actor Kamiki Ryunosuke (18) will be the star of a drama series for the first time since “Tantei Gakuen Q” in 2007. This time, he will play a working student supporting his family in a story written by popular screenwriter Kudo Kankuro (“Tiger and Dragon,” “Kisarazu Cat's Eye”).

Titled “11 Nin mo Iru!,” the drama is a heartrending but comedic story about a family consisting of a jobless father, a domestic mother, and eight children with different personalities. As the title suggests, the family also has a mysterious “11th member.”

Kamiki plays the eldest son Kazuo, a high school student who helps support the family through part time jobs serving at a gas station and doing newspaper delivery. He clashes with his father (Tanabe Seiichi), an artsy photographer with no real earning power. Mitsuura Yasuko plays the part of an obedient wife, while Kato Seishiro plays the shy youngest child who can see a ghost (the “11th member”) but doesn’t tell the rest of the family.

It is also reported that Hoshino Gen, the guitarist of the band SAKEROCK, will have a regularly appearing role as the younger brother of Tanabe Seiichi.

The show will air on TV Asahi on Friday nights at 11:15pm, starting in October.

More info on the Synopsis: Sanada Minoru (Tanabe Seiichi), is an artistically-inclined cameraman who cannot support his family. His wife, Megumi (Mitsuura Yasuko), has set up a cafe, but no customers come. And yet they have eight children. Their eldest son, Kazuo (Kamiki Ryunosuke), is working his way through high school to support the family by delivering newspapers and part-timing at the petrol kiosk. Minoru says Kazuo has the “oldest child syndrome”. Kazuo considers it his duty as the eldest son to devote himself to the family even if it is at his own expense and always shoulders everything by himself. That is why he is frustrated all the time. Naturally, he is on bad terms with his happy-go-lucky father. He is also the one who goes to ask for a loan. However, the uncle who is his one and only hope, has left a huge debt behind and run away. There is not time for that. At his wits end, Kazuo cuts school and starts on a new part-time job … … A week later, his absence from school is exposed and the family holds a meeting at home. There are 1, 2, 3 … … 11 people around the dining table!? Who is the eleventh person in the ten member Sanada family?!?!

Source: Tokyograph, Jdramas, Official Site

KudoKan does nothing wrong in my eyes~ super excited for his new piece~~
... and Kamiki~ weeee~

EDITED to add more of the synopsis... and its sounds more complicated than we thought it would be... I ♥ your brain KudoKan!!!

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