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Weekly Oricon Chart - Albums/Singles/Music-DVDs


Singer-songwriter/actor, Fukuyama Masaharu's 27th single, "Kazoku ni Narou yo / fighting pose" has topped the singles chart this week, becoming his 13th no.1 single, and his 25th to chart on Oricon since his 4th single, "WOH WOW" (released in October 1991) charted with the highest peak at 89th. His total singles and albums sales now has reached 21.271 million (13.167 million singles and 8.103 million albums), making him (with 22 years of career) the best-selling male artist in Oricon history. Until now, the best-selling male artist has been Nagabuchi Tsuyoshi with 21.224 million singles and albums sold.

As a singer-songwriter, Fukuyama has also surpassed Utada Hikaru who has 12 no.1 singles. As a male solo artist, he has now surpassed Tahara Toshihiko's 12 no.1 singles, jumping to second place overall behind Kondo Masahiko who has 16 no.1 singles. "Kazoku ni Narou yo" is his first wedding song, while "fighting pose" is written to aid the Tohoku Earthquake relief with a portion of the sales donated to relief funds. In addition, a 2-day live on November 12th and 13th will be held in Miyagi to help with the reconstruction of affected areas.

Top 5 ranking of best-selling male artists in Oricon history (total singles and albums sold):

1. Fukuyama Masaharu - 21.271 million (highest-selling single: "Sakurazaka" 2.299 million)
2. Nagabuchi Tsuyoshi - 21.224 million (highest-selling single: "Shabondama" 1.108 million)
3. Makihara Noriyuki - 20.749 million (highest-selling single: "Donna Toki mo." 1.670 million)
4. Itsuki Hiroshi - 19.543 million (highest-selling single: "Omae to Futari" 917k)
5. Himuro Kyosuke - 16.206 million (highest-selling album: "SINGLES" 1.367 million)

In the albums chart, singer Hamasaki Ayumi achieved her 18th no.1 album with the mini-album "FIVE", making it 7 years and 8 months since her last mini-album, "Memorial address" in December 2003. This mini-album features a duet with JYJ's Junsu's older brother, JUNO in the song "Why...", a duet with AAA's Urata Naoya in the song "ANother Song," and Playstation 3 Soft's theme song, "progress," making it a total of 5 songs.

Posting the top 30 albums/singles and the top 10 music-DVDs. The second column in the top 10 refers to sales in 2011. New release in bold.

Hamasaki Ayumi, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Fukuyama Masaharu, AKB48, SHINee...Collapse )

Congrats to Masha! What a wonderful achievement. :)

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