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12:46 am - 09/09/2011

Miliyah Kato hand-draws cover of first novel, remains the new Picasso/Souseki

Singer-songwriter Kato Miliyah's upcoming first novel, "Umareta mama no Watashi wo" (9/22) will feature a cover hand-drawn by the artist herself. The book, which Kato worked on for a year, will be the story of a 22 year old nude painter who cannot find love, and the cover represents that by featuring the sketch of a naked woman.

On the seventh year of her career, Kato released "M BEST" which hit #1 on the Oricon weekly charts. This has been her third consecutive chart-topping album and has passed the 270,000 mark as of this week.

Translation - koutaishi

Wasn't sure if this was NSFW but I put it under a cut to be safe. Anyway, she's so talented. Singing, dancing, song-writing, drawing, and novel writing... is there anything she can't do?
k0dama 8th-Sep-2011 04:36 pm (UTC)
"Just the way I was born"
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