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Ebisu Muscats to release new single in October

Sexy idol group Ebisu Muscats will be releasing their new single, “Ropponpon☆Fantasy“, on October 12th.

The title song was produced after a staff member from Ebisu Muscat’s regular show, “Onedari Muscat DX!” requested a collaboration between Ebisu Muscats and rock band Kishidan’s leader Ayanokoji Sho. The lyrics were written by the Muscats members themselves, but at one point, the lyrics were so absurd that the leader refused to provide the music. Eventually, the song turned out to be a catchy pop tune, and was played for the first time on September 7th during “Onedari Muscat DX!”.

The single will come in three different versions: a limited edition (CD+DVD), a regular edition (CD+DVD), and a CD-only special price edition. The limited edition will come with a DVD containing a live documentary, and the regular edition will include a DVD with the music video for “Ropponpon☆Fantasy”. Meanwhile, the coupling song will be selected songs from the group’s one-man live, “Souda! Minna de Yaon ni Ikou“, which was held back in July at Hibiya Open-Air Concert Hall.

Additionally, Ebisu Muscats and Kishidan will hold a two-man live titled, “Kishidan Presents Kyokutou Rock ‘n’ Roll High School ~100% Danjo Kousai!!~ Kishidan vs. Ebisu Muscats“, on September 15th at SHIBUYA-AX.


Limited Edition (CD+DVD)

01. Ropponpon☆Fantasy
02. Ropponpon☆Fantasy (Instrumental)
03. Mayonaka no Niji Ebisu/Ebisu Rotary Shimai (Live @ Hibiya Open-Air Concert Hall)

1st Nationwide CAMP (Tokyo, Osaka, Kobe, Nagoya, Hamamatsu) Live Document

Regular Edition (CD+DVD)

01. Ropponpon☆Fantasy
02. Ropponpon☆Fantasy (Instrumental)
03. Purukawa YES/Purukawa (Live @ Hibiya Open-Air Concert Hall)

Ropponpon☆Fantasy (Music Video)

Special Price Edition

01. Ropponpon☆Fantasy
02. Ropponpon☆Fantasy (Intrumental)
03. Hercules ~Aishu no Panther Again~/Hercules (Live @ Hibiya Open-Air Concert Hall)

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