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7!! releasing 3rd single

7!!(pronounced seven-oops) has announced news of their third single. Titled “Bye-Bye“, it will be the opening theme song to anime “Kimi to Boku” and is scheduled for release on November 2nd.

The single comes in two editions: a normal edition and a “7!! Anime Edition”. The normal edition first press will come with a anime illustration wide cap sticker and only 3 tracks, while the “7!! Anime version” will be a special digital pack featuring the TV version of “Bye Bye” and a anime cast radio drama.


< Regular Edition >
1. Bye Bye
2. TBA
3. Bye Bye (instrumental)

< 7!! Anime Edition >
3. Radio drama -title to be determined-
4. Bye Bye -tv size version-
5. Bye Bye (instrumental)

7!!  formed in 2004. They received the grand prix for Mitsuya Cider CM Audition in 2005, and their original song, Sun light, was used for Mitsuya Cider’s commercial .

The band debuted under Epic Record Japan with the single Falling Love, on April 13th 2011.

Their 2nd single, Lovers,  was used for  the opening theme song of Naruto Shippuden  starting in April.

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