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Which group comes to mind when you think of 'Johnny'?

Japanese DoCoMo users were asked "What comes to mind when you hear 'Johnny', and the results are as below.

1. Arashi (18 791 votes)
2. SMAP (11 098 votes)
3. Kanjani8 (1437 votes)
4. KinKi Kids (1402 votes)
5. TanoKin Trio (1304 votes)
6. Hikaru GENJI (1252 votes)
7. Kis-My-Ft2 (1162 votes)
8. KAT-TUN (953 votes)
9. Hey! Say! JUMP (902 votes)
10. NEWS (843 votes)
11. Other (712 votes)
12. Shonentai (674 votes)
13. Johnny's Jr (466 votes)
14. V6 (442 votes)
15. TOKIO (411 votes)
16. Tackey & Tsubasa (392 votes)
17. Ikuta Toma (294 votes)
18. Shibugaki Tai (124 votes)
19. Otokogumi (98 votes)
20. NYC Boys (63 votes)

I thought this was a pretty interesting poll... Not really surprised with the top 2 spots, but besides Arashi and SMAP the other groups more or less have equal popularity spread amongst them. Though I'm a bit disappointed with V6 and TOKIO ranking so low... senpai groups need more love, they're seriously underrated.

Contrary to the results, when I think of 'Johnny' the image that comes to mind is a shady old man sitting in his apartment looking through his list of 'boys' -- I mean, idols.

Source: Goo
Tags: arashi, hey!say!jump, ikuta toma, johnnys entertainment, kanjani8, kat-tun, kis-my-ft2, news, polls/ranking, smap, tackey & tsubasa, tokio, v6

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