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Oranje is the next GReeeeN

A new singer-songwriter is ready to make her debut, under the same management agency as the popular group GReeeeN. Going by the name Oranje.
(read in Japanese as “orenji,” the same reading as “orange”), she will maintain the same veil of secrecy as GReeeeN by never publicly showing her face.

Oranje. is said to be a resident of Sendai who had no past music career but sent in a demo tape to Edward Entertainment (GReeeeN’s agency) at the end of last year. A producer instantly fell in love with her voice, and contract talks began the next day.

Oranje.’s debut song will be released digitally on September 14, titled “100 Mankai no 'Aishiteru'.” It is being described as an “answer song” to Rake’s hit song “100 Mankai no 'I love you',” which reached 1 million downloads earlier this month. Rake composed and wrote the new song as well.

Oranje. will actually be the first female artist from Edward Entertainment, which also manages groups like Kimaguren and MONKEY MAJIK. She is expected to make her CD debut before the end of the year as well.


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