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Tsuji Nozomi expresses her concern for Kago Ai

Former Morning Musume member Tsuji Nozomi recently blogged about her long-time friend, Kago Ai.

Tsuji wrote, “I heard about Aibon (Kago-chan) on the news, and I was very surprised. I am very, very worried. I pray from the bottom of my heart that she will recover quickly, and that we will see her cheerful smile as soon as possible.”

Kago Ai shocked the nation recently when it was revealed that she tried to commit suicide. Fortunately, she was discovered in time by agency officials and they quickly transported her to a hospital.

Tsuji and Kago’s friendship stretched over a decade, as they both joined Morning Musume in 2000 as
its fourth generation members, and formed the duo, ‘W’, after graduating from the group.

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