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News reporter Okuyama Eishi is missing

News reporter Okuyama Eishi is missing

On the September 13th issue of ‘Shukan Josei‘, it was reported that famous news reporter Okuyama Eishi (62) has been missing since spring. He was last seen at his apartment in Kawasaki on March 12th, the day after the Tohoku Earthquake.

According to Okuyama’s older brother, his clothes were left hanging at home, and the bathtub was filled with water, but his bankbook was mysteriously missing. He says he has filed a missing person report to the Kanagawa Police. Okuyama’s agency, Yoshimoto Creative Agency, has not received any type of contact from Okuyama. (source)

how could... they just now realize he's been missing? D: i hope they find him alive soon!
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