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Whats your favorite Johnny's eponymous show?

Popular in all ages, particularly women, Johnnys. But they don't play in music programs, instead they participate in their own variety and eponymous shows. So, we asked which show was your favorite among Johnny's programs.

1. Himitsu No Arashi-chan (5142 votes)
2. Arashi Ni Shiyagare (5095)
3. SMAP x SMAP (3383)
4. VS Arashi (2990)
5. The Testuwan Dash! (2182)
6. Shindomoto Kyodai (1050)
7. The Shonen Club (624)
8. Kanjani No Shiwake∞ (624)
9. Bouken JAPAN! Kanjani∞MAP (504)
10. 5LDK (443)
11. Mission V6 (278)
12. YanYan JUMP (261)

lol and this poll got alot of comments (mostly hate and butthurt but w/e)

"Arashi's programs are boring."

"V6 Mission is super interesting!"

"Where is Shukudai-kun?"

"Enough with Arashi, out with Kanjani8!"

"News isn't here huh..."

"I want a KAT-TUN revival."

"Arashi and AKB48 have a lot of haters, but they are the national idols. Morning Mosume pratically had a lot of haters too."

"News? (ノ△T)?"

"No matter how you think about Mission is the number one show."

"Arashi's era is already finished."

"Why is there only unattractive people in Kanjani8 I wonder..."

"There is support for Arashi among boys too! Therir character is good isn't it? In my class there is fever among boys and girls! Have some confidence!"

"Smoking HeySayJump lololol..."

"From now on its Kanjani8's era."

"In all Johnnys ranking theres only people who say bad things. I can't allow it! I get angry!  (▼皿▼)Ψ"

Tags: arashi, hey!say!jump, johnnys entertainment, kanjani8, kis-my-ft2, smap, v6

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