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PlayStation Vita Arrives on December 17

Sony brought out the big news early at its pre Tokyo Game Show press conference today. Opening up the conference, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Hiroshi Kawano announced the PlayStation Vita's
Japanese release date as December 17.

Pricing remains unchanged form the previously announced ¥24,980 for the Wi-Fi only version and ¥29,800 for the 3G only version.

Sony also announced a partnership with NTT DoCoMo. DoCoMo will be Vita's 3G provider in Japan. The communications giant is preparing a new data plan for gamers which will debut with Vita. Players will be
able to purchase pre-paid cards for 30 to 100 hours play time. These will be priced 980 yen to 4,980 yen.

It was also revealed that 26 titles are slated for the platform's launch, including the following:

    * BlazBlue
    * Browser Sangokushi Touch Battle
    * Project N.O.E.L.S. (working title)
    * Fish On (working title)
    * Sangoku Musou NEXT
    * Ultimate Marvel vs. CAPCOM 3
    * Tales of Innocence R
    * Army Corps of Hell (Jigoku no Gundan)
    * Lord of Apocalypse
    * Michael Jackson The Experience
    * Shinobido 2
    * Power Smash 4
    * Uncharted
    * Sawari Ma Cool!
    * Minna no Golf 6
    * Yūsha no Kiroku. (working title)
    * Minna to Issho -Friend Network-
    * @field
    * Dream Club Zero Portable
    * Disgaea 3 Return
    * Dark Quest: Alliance

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